Monday, January 25, 2016

Man's Best Friend Indeed

Everyone who knows me, (I believe within the first few hours) would know that I'm a huge animal lover. More commonly dogs but whatever, I love every animals out there be it dogs, cats, crocodile, rats, birds, cacing, kids, well basically you get the gist, all kinds of animals. I love animals so much that I despised human on a general basis. It's crazy I know. Don't get me wrong, I do like humans, I just hate humans who doesn't have the common sense to act like a decent human being. Yup that's me. HAHAHA! 

And these little acts happens last Sunday after I finished my lectures. It was raining HEAVILY on that day and it was really difficult to walk back to hostel so my friends and I decided to go and have dinner together before going back. Even going to eat is not a task that's easily done without getting all wet from walking under the heavy rain, even with an umbrella. Oh and the umbrella, thanks to one of our lecturer who was so kind to lend us her umbrella and even offered to drive us home [which we politely declined because it would be an inconvenience for her, the gesture was mush appreciated though. :) ]. Faith in humanity restored. So we managed to go to the dinner place to eat and proceed to talk crap while waiting for the rain to slows down so we can go home. 

It just kept raining heavily till about 9:45 and at about the first sign of it slowing down, I quickly walked back to the hostel. And then suddenly I felt like there's something stepped on  my slippers. So I looked back and I was shocked to see there was a black down trailing me from behind sniffing my jeans. Literally I was like "What the hell?". Not because of the dogs because I've never seen dogs in the city of Kuala Lumpur before, this city is not exactly famous for being animal friendly and especially to animals like dogs if you know what I mean. So yeah I was surprised and happy at the same time. 

And then they started to walk back with me. Like beside me and when I stopped they would stopped too and walk around waiting for me to proceed again. The black one even tried to jump and played with me. Arggghhhh so cute!! DOGS ARE AWESOME CREATURES. So yeah rainy day, late at night and I don't have to walk back to my hostel alone. Awesome indeed. It's little things like this that makes me happy. Plus the facts that I missed my dogs back at home in Kuching so much.

Got back to my hostel, went back up my room to get some crackers for them and luckily they were still around my hostel at the time and that's it. They ate and ran away. Thanks doggies for the walk. haha! I vowed to give them canned dog food when I see them again next time. Until today I've never seen them again. I hope they're safe and sound at the streets of KL which I hope they would be smart enough to stay away from and also from the car packed roads in KL. Hope I will see them again one day. XD And I hope they belonged to someone so they have a home to go back to. Perhaps they do. :)

And this is why I love dogs so much. This little story is not the only reason as to why I love dogs, of course there's a LOT more reason as to why. I just decided to write this just to remember these little event that happened in my life. :) Just a little rambling.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Grizzly Cafe @ The Intermark, KL

I don't drink coffee at cafes that often anymore due to the ever rising cost that comes by living in the city of Kuala Lumpur. *coughs!*crazypublictransportationprices*coughs!*. That said, another reason to I don't drink coffee at cafes regularly is because I'm a cheapskate! Although I prefer the term 'frugal' better. HAHA! I can get a damn good coffee at kopitiam for RM 2.20, which is 5 times less the price of a normal cup of latte at a normal cafe. 

But once in a while when I feel like going to a cafe to chill out for a bit, Grizzly Cafe would be my first choice in KL. There's a lot of cafe nearby or in Petaling Street but the environment is just not what's right for me. And there's usually a lot of people at the more famous cafe nearby, I however prefer a cafe with less patronage and hence more quiet time. 

Grizzly Cafe at The Intermark KL is cosy, they have awesome music selections, and good decor. It's just a nice place to chill for a bit. Granted it's not the most popular cafe out there and it's not that known, but it has it's charms. The coffee is good and the place is quiet where you can hear the musis more than people's chattering. What's better than that? 

How to Get There?  

Address : Located inside The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 50400. 

Take the Kelana Jaya Line LRT and head to the Ampang Park Station. It's the station after KLCC station. Then walk into the Ampang Park Mall and head up the escalator a floor to get to the bridge that connects the mall to The Intermark. Or if you can't find this (I didn't too the first time I went there. Explore. XD), you can just looked around for the bridge and head there. I believe the other escalator to the bridge which is located outside the mall is nearby a KFC there. Get into The Intermark and you should be able to locate Grizzly Cafe now. If you see Guardian, you're at the right place.

The exterior of the cafe.

One side of the interior. 

I really love the decor in here, I want my future home to look like this. LOL!

Cappucinno - I believe it's RM 11

And recently, (by recently I mean a year ago.haha) they served food too other than coffee and the usual cakes and cookies. So when I heard that news I was pretty excited to go try it out. I wanted to try one of their avocado and cheese toasties but they ran out of it that day :( so I settled for the Reuben Sandwich, which is pretty good I gotta say. The pastrami however is a little chewy and stringy but other than that it's all good.

Reuben Toasties/Sandwich - RM 15

Mmmmm. I could sit here for hours.

I wish I could bring my laptop here and just blog away but my laptop is like a gazillion kg and I'm way too lazy to lug such heavy object all the way to Ampang Park, so. :)

The bear statue that I love love love. Well any cafe with animal theme I would love. It's just different from any other cafe out there. 

This is when I went here with my sis. 

I never get any bear coffee art whenever I'm here though. :( 
Grizzly Cafe, if you're reading this, I request a bear coffee art next time! XD


Their Facebook : Grizzly  
Visit their page for more info.  

That's it. Till next time!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Photobook by Photobookmart Malaysia : Small Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover

I declare, that with this photobook, I've successfully made THREE photobooks now! Yeah, I guess it's nothing to brag about but hey, I've nothing in my life worth bragging so far so might as well brag about this right? Kidding. 

Yep, I bought a voucher from GROUPON not long ago (by not long ago I mean last year) which is a voucher for TWO IDENTICAL PHOTOBOOKS for RM 35. Initially I thought I was getting an awesome deal, two photobooks for RM35, hardcover somemore, what a good deal. But right when I wanted to make the photobook, which was as usual, where the deadline is almost near, I read the terms and conditions and realised that it was a voucher for two identical photobooks. I'm like, what the hell am I suppose to do with TWO identical photobooks? So in the end I'm like, meh, can't turn back now, screw it. Two also two la better than none. 

A little info about the Groupon voucher :

1. It's a deal from Photobookmart Malaysia and I've never ordered any from them before, I usually just get the free softcover one from Photobook Malaysia. Yeah, I'm cheap frugal. 

2. It's RM35

3. It's a 8" x 6" Small Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover photobook. 

I finished making the book and submitted my order on 4th December 2015. Received an error message on 7th December 2015, which I had no idea about till 12th December 2015 because there was no email sent to me, I only found out when I logged in to the Photobookmart account. (I think if I never checked I would never get it till today). Send back the security code they needed on the same day and got a reply on 14th December 2015. And I'm going back to Kuching on 14th December 2015 as well and I chose the delivery of the photobooks to Kuala Lumpur at the time. (How would I know they would take this long?) I thought it would be delivered in a week time. But then, no problem, I can get it when I go back to KL in January. 

The order was shipped on 22nd December 2015 and delivered to my place on 28th December 2015. Basically I submitted my order at 4th and only got the photobooks successfully delivered at 28th December 2015, which is about 3 weeks, almost a month. Outrageous. But I can let this go, cause I'm in no hurry to get the photobooks. However, their service as you can tell from now is a bit flawed. 

And Photobookmart Malaysia doesn't exactly has the best reviews compared to other photobooks services out there in Malaysia. I only found out AFTER I've bought the voucher. The lesson is research before buy anything. But meh, it's alright, after all it's a deal in Groupon. But we have not reached to the end of the story yet did we? HAHA! 



One of the best feeling in the world, receiving something in parcel form.

This is what's inside the parcel. 

This is how it was packaged. 

When I opened it, there's only ONE photobook in there while I'm supposed to be receiving TWO. It was nicely packaged though.

Front cover.

I must say, I really liked it. It looks clean and classy. Not to implied I did a good job myself, I just never expected it would looked better than I thought it would be when I made it. Not bad. The hardcover is awesome too. Think from now on I'll just buy hardcover photobooks. 

Back cover.

Quite nice. 

Not a bad printing job, I really liked it. I have nothing to complained about except their services.

A video I made to show you the books. The music might be a bit loud so if you're wearing earphone beware. 

Then I complained about the fact that I was supposed to be receiving TWO photobooks instead of ONE right after I got the book which was on 7th January 2016. Bla bla bla, some crap in between and the last email I've received from them is on 12th January 2016, which told me to "allow them some time to investigate and revert to you as soon as possible.". Short story is until today which is 15th January 2016, I've received no replies. 

Man....their services really need some improvement. I'll just let it be and see when I'll get the photobook. I don't think I'll order any photobooks from them anymore anytime soon. LOL

That's it. Till next time! Have a nice day. :)

Monday, January 11, 2016

BCCK Christmas Buffet 2015's not a good one. 

Not for the price we've paid anyway. For RM79 per head, I expected better. Well, you can say I complain too much but it's just how I felt anyway. Whatever happen to them? The last time I went to the buffet which was 3 years so, it was frikkin awesome. My family and I don't do buffet often, however for this year's....well last year's Christmas (it is 2016 now), we decided to do something special and to the buffet we went. I suggested BCCK buffet because from what I've experience 3 years ago, it was a great buffet with widespread of selection to choose from. Why did I say the buffet is bad? It will all be explained later. Again, not to give a bad name to BCCK, I'm just stating what I've experienced that night. 

So my family and I, 3 of us, went to the buffet at 23rd of December 2015. Cause we figured 24th would be crowded so we just decided to went a day earlier. Not gonna lie, I was pretty excited to go to this buffet and gorge on everything  because I haven't been to any buffet in a while, the last buffet I went was Jogoya's and that's like one and a half years ago. Hence my excitement. Also, it's Christmas, what better time to have buffet right, I mean not gonna cook those turkey myself, no way. Probably gonna screw up the whole bird in the process, no gonna leave it at the hands of a well trained chef. Gonna stop my blabbering now.

We got to BCCK, huge parking by the way, walked to the restaurant which is The Raintree Restaurant and they brought us to our table. Everything is fine and awesome. Then we started to look at the buffet dishes (mind you, I went here with the expectation to see like LOTS OF FOOD that's stated would be served in their Facebook's page. Food such as Beef Wellington and Yorkshire pudding and Chili Crab...I know odd stuff to eat chili crab at a Christmas buffet but whatever, I WANT SOME CHILI CRAB or atleast see some) I don't know, maybe it's a alternate days different food thing but what I wanted is not there. :( Atleast they have turkey, that's a good thing. Man I was so excited to eat some beef wellington and yorkshire pudding. Hampus harapan.

Seafood on ice. 

I know everyone loves seafood, I do too but boiled seafood on ice is just not my thing. If it's 'hot' seafood I probably wouldn't be so bummed. But this is in their advertisement on what would be served so I expected this. Not looking forward, but expected. Kuching people loves their prawns.

The dishes served. 

If you can see it, that's actually baked cauliflower in white sauce and I gotta say that's one of my favourite dish that night. But I want some MEAT when I go to a buffet. Who eats salads when they're at buffet anyway?? XD I gotta get my money worth man. Well vegetarians is exempted. :) 

First round. 

I took some roasted turkey, a dinner roll, brussels sprout, grilled lamb chop and Irish beef stew. Out of those the Irish Beef Stew is the best. Yum yum. The turkey is actually pretty dry but I still went back for a couple or servings after anyway. No gravy was offered though, just barbeque sauce and a very water-y cranberry sauce. 

Aside from that there were some fish which I'm not interested in and yeah, what you saw up there is basically what was offered, the main dishes anyway. There's also soup, two different kinds of bread, salads, some teeny tiny appetizers and yeah.. that's about it. Then there were the carving station where I got the turkey from.....some pasta and then we arrived at the dessert table. 

I see this.... 

And then I see this.....hmmmm. 

I thought marinara was a tomato based sauce. This looks...creamy. Granted there's seafood in it but I don't think marinara suppose to look like this but meh, it still taste good, Typical pasta in cream sauce. Nothing to shout about.

The Dessert Station

I think BCCK focuses more on their dessert instead of their main meals. There's actually a lot of choices for the sweet tooths out there and EVERYTHING IS SWEET TO THE MAX. There's chocolate fountain, cakes, cookies, jellies, etc etc. I'm not a huge fan of sweet stuff so I'm like meh. I prefer savoury stuff more, saltttttttt~


Yule Log cake. Nice to see, taste just like any other sponge cakes out there. But at least it's nice to see and helps to improve the Christmas-y feeling too.

This is what I got. Some flan or egg custard thingy, a slice of the log cake, and chocolate covered dried apricots and marshmallows. 

Which bring me to another dissatisfaction, who served dried apricots as the ONLY choice to be smothered in chocolate at the chocolate fountain?? Who is the maniac?! Like come on la, I'm eating chocolates, even if wanna save cost put some fresh fruits there ba, if marshmallows is too expensive to be served. Ughhhh. Some strawberries would be awesome, a whole marshmallow stick would be awesome, pretzel sticks would be awesome (I wish) but honestly dried apricots is not a good idea. Like I even saw some kids taking out the apricots and replacing it with marshmallows from the other sticks. Basically instead of 2 dried apricots and 1 marshmallow on a stick, they threw the apricots away and make it into a 3 marshmallow a stick thingy. SMART KIDS. I envy them so much. I wanted to do it but I'm like nah, I'm an adult, but in the end I caved in and just get a spoon and a small bowl and scoop the chocolate into the bowl and eat it just like that. YUMS. If it makes you happy, do it. 

The Drinks Station

The only beverage they served is 'Air Sirap' and coffee and tea at a station,oh and not to forget plain water too, placed outside the buffet area. I don't really care but seriously, that's the only choice of beverage? Not even some apple juice or orange juice? Or even Coke? Is it me that's complaining too much or this is too simple to offer for a buffet? I don't know, it's probably just me.

Air sirap is good though. 

And here's a snapshot of what would be served at their buffet as posted in their Facebook's page. Pretty misleading I gotta say. Or does 'highlights' here means 'not served everyday, only on certain dates' perhaps. I don't know. Overall a disappointing buffet, compared to 3 years ago where there's a wide variety of food to choose from, waffles, pasta station with a few sauces to choose from, shawarma station (my fav!), cheese platter, a whole salmon, and a lot more. Probably they went all out on 24th December cause its Christmas Eve after all, anyway I don't know. All I know is it's not a good buffet last year and I'll probably try other buffet at a hotel at town the next Christmas.  

I didn't see any of the underline dishes served when I was there. Sigh. 6 out of 11 not served.

There's no reason for me to give them a bad name, I'm only stating what I've experienced on that day. RM 79 per head for a buffet and we went there with the expectation to eat the things that were advertised and upon reaching there finds that none of the thing we wanna eat is actually served, it's pretty disappointing. It's like going to a Coldplay concert but replaced by One Direction instead. That said, 1D does have pretty good song recently, Drag Me Down is pretty good. It's like expecting to get Iphone 6S but get only the box with a stone in there with a note that said 'HAHA! SUCKERS". I'm being dramatic. But yeah, disappointed.

Probably next time they should advertised earlier what they gonna served on the buffet that day as to avoid crap like this to happen again.

Til next time. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Under Armour Has Arrived in Kuching!

Under Armour is a relatively less known sports clothing brand in Malaysia compared to brands like Adidas and Nike which is the preferred choice of Malaysians when it comes to sports/athletic brand. But Under Armour is HUGE in America and its popularity is rising. I've come to know about this brand by watching movies and reality shows like MTV The Challenge where most of their outfits is sponsored by none other than Under Armour. Some of the well known celebrity is also well known for their support of this brand, such as Dwayne Johnson or more commonly known as The Rock, infact he's recently been signed as one of Under Armour's endorser. If you've watched Furious 7 then you've seen this brand. haha! Other than that their product have also been featured in Avengers and Captain America series. 

Under Armour was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank who was a former team captain of a football team and like most success entrepreneur stories out there, it has a humble beginning and products designed and created to solve an existing problem and in this case, he just got sick of the need to keep changing his sweat-soaked shirt and went on to developed a shirt that wicked moisture and keep athletes cool and dry. This trend of moisture wicking apparel was soon followed by major brands such as Adidas and Nike. 

Okay, history aside, I LOVE this brand, and no I'm not paid to said that and yes, I'm super unfit and I literally never exercised. But as a big fan of the show MTV Challenge and constantly seeing this brand in that show, I ALSO WANT TO GET MY HANDS ON UNDER ARMOUR PRODUCTS. (Proves that product placement indeed Particularly their shoes. I just like their brand more than Adidas and Nike, like the word Under Armour is so......nice. XD Lousy argument to love their brand but it's the truth from me. HAHA! Their outlets in KL has only been opened for about a year and I'm shocked that it reached Kuching market so fast. Like Nando's has been in KL for years and only now it opened a shop in Kuching. And we went all mad for it of course, I don't even eat Nando's in KL but I ate it like 4 times in Kuching, apa ini. :)

I went to the Under Armour Kuching Press Conference last month which is to launch their Shop-in-Shop collaboration with LEA Group of Companies. This means that Under Armour won't have their stand alone shop like the one in KL but it's a collaboration with LEA Group to sell their products in their shop. The press conference also includes the signing ceremony with TheGymBox and Phoenix Gym. Both well known independent gyms in Kuching. 

(Go get your Under Armour products there! No need go KL buy already. Believe me, I've checked, the price and the products is the same)

Presentation by Michael Binger, CEO of Triple. 

Followed by a presentation by CEO of LEA Group of Companies.

Raymond Sim.

And then followed by signing ceremony between UA and Lea as well as UA and the gyms.

The four main people in the signing ceremony. (sorry for my shitty camera skills)
To the far left is GymBox CEO while to the far right is Phoenix Gym CEO.

With all the representatives from both gyms.

A better picture from Garner. Thanks Garner. 

Sarawak Bloggers talking to Michael Binger.

Then we went to the store to take a look as well as snap some pics (in my case shitty pics) and also to 'try try' their products. HAHA!

All those running shoes. 

The clothing. Lots of choice for men as well as women.

The look of the store at Sarawak Plaza. 

Sarawak Bloggers with a Michael Binger.

What are you waiting for? If you're a big fan of Under Armour, there's finally a shop in Kuching and I truly believes their product will be the next big brand in the sports clothing brand. Not that they're not big now but compared to Adidas, Nike and Reebok, they're still not that known in Malaysia. Anyway, I'm no athlete, I just like their products and their motto 'I WILL'. I WILL WRITE MORE POST AND FREQUENTLY (yeah right. haha!)

A wefie of us at the store.

That's it. See ya next time! :D

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Annah Rais Hot Spring and Bidayuh Longhouses @ Annah Rais Village, Kuching.

Kuching has always be known to be famous for its food and its diverse culture. Not to mention the beaches as well, although not as popular for beaches compared to its neighbouring state, Sabah. Our beaches has its own charm as well. Other than that, if you're looking for a day trip for the family, might I interest you in visiting one of the most known hot springs in Kuching. Well, outskirts of Kuching anyway, an hour or so drive to be precise. I went there twice, once with my family and another time with my friend. Both of the times I had there were equally fun and awesome. It's nice to just get away from the city once in a while and just enjoy the nature. 

The first time I went there was about a year ago with my family. Dad has nothing to do so we decided to go Panchor and Annah Rais Hot Springs to see what's the fuss is about. (p.s he's also in his "Hot springs is good for your health" phase after listening to what his friends told him). My parents usually went to Panchor Hot Springs which is nearer from Kuching compared to Annah Rais, that's also another choice of hot springs if you wanted to go. I myself prefer Annah Rais because I feel it's more relaxing and natural compared to Panchor, although Panchor's water is hotter though and well if you preferred hotter springs then Panchor is the place. 

Stopped at one of the 'pekan' on the way to Annah Rais Village to grab a bite and I don't remember what's the name of the place but they served really delicious Giant River Prawns/Big Head Prawns. Heaven in your mouth I tell you. I ask my dad then I'l update it here. If I remember. :D

Wooden shophouses.

Funny looking but cute dog. 

Panchor Hot Spring

It cost RM 3 per person, for adults and children aged 12 and above. The spring is covered so rain or shine this hot spring is still accessible and this is one of the main advantage of this spring to Annah Rais's. There's also benches and huts built for patrons to have a little picnic I guess. If your main purpose is just to soak in the hot spring then this place is perfect for you. This spring is located 40KM from town so its nearer compared to Annah Rais which is 60KM away from Kuching.

Sis and Dad.

Then we head to Annah Rais hot spring after like 30 minutes there.

Annah Rais Hot Spring

Similar to Panchor, there's also an entrance fee here and it's sightly more expensive here. It cost RM 5 here and worth it or not, in my personal opinion, I feel it's more worth it. That said, I still think it's slightly pricey, for a dip in a river I mean but oh well, for the sake of upkeeping the place. Cheapskate I am. So you can guess it, Annah Rais Hot Spring is located within the vicinity of Annah Rais Village and the drive up to the hot spring is quite beautiful from what I remembered. From the entrance just a few minutes walk and you're there. 


My mom. Apa la so excited. I ask her to stop for a picture she just keep walking.

'Shower' place after you're done soaking in the hot spring.

There's only two toilets provided there and it's actually not in a tip top condition if you know what I mean. And there's also no lights provided in the toilet so when you close the door it's like pitch black. So I guess there's some need for improvement. Other than that everything else is just pure NATURE. Well, except the man made pool in the middle of the river but that's where the hot spring is, in the middle of cold running river water. To get to the hot spring, you have to cross the ankle deep water for a bit and at certain spots knee deep. So prepare to get wet. (That's what she said!)

My mom is already in the hot spring. Efficient.

As you can see this is totally different from Panchor Hot Spring. It's more natural and I love the fact there's a choice for hot or cold water (apa ini? Making coffee is it?) I prefer the cold water anyway, and there's little fishes in it! And beautiful, colourful river rocks. So you can have a little dip in the hot spring then just relax in the cold water and if you want to just go right back in the hot spring again. (Like making kolo mee noodle like that. lol). So yeah I prefer this place.

Ah~ Serenity.

Clean cold water. 

There's also a spot in the water right next to the hot spring where it's REALLY HOT. Like boiling hot, you can see the water bubbling. I bet you can even boil some eggs here if you want to. Although it's just this little spot. I guess they forgot to seal this spot up together with the hot spring. XD

My sis with the 'hot area'.

The pool is quite murky but most hot springs water looks like that. It's because of the mud or something. I don't know. 

Best tempat tok. :)

My father. haha

One of the 'walkway' to go down to the river. On the other side it's staircase. This looks slippery though. I bet you can slide down if you want to. XD

Here's the stairs.

Over-edit picture. HAHA!

Annah Rais Longhouse Village

The second trip to Annah Rais I went with Grace, because we have nothing to do and also she never went there before. Also the fact that I didn't visit the longhouses the first time I went with my family and also to look at the murals that were painted there by the famous Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic who also painted the orang utans mural in Kuching.

This is Grace.

And me.

Somebody covered up the hot spot area with rocks! :D

Nothing new to be said about the hot spring as it was completely the same as the first time I went there, except for the fact that somebody arranged some rocks at the hot area there. Whoever it was, awesome job. :) After like 45 minutes at the hot spring we moved on to the longhouses. On the way there we saw some cute little mini house and apparently this is rented to people who wanted to stay there. Like a little homestay I guess.

How cute is that?

To get to the longhouses, you have to cross a wooden bridge. I gotta admit I do question the sturdiness of the bridge. Underneath the bridge is the river that's connected to the hot spring area. HAHAHA! City people ba, like me. Scared of everything. :) The bridge is very sturdy, don't worry.

The wooden bridge

This is one of the oldest Bidayuh Longhouses and if you're interested to spend some times here, there's Homestay Programme offered here. You can get more information from HERE or another way is to arrange some trips with local travel agency at Kuching City Center. Main Bazaar or Waterfront area there is a good place to start as there's a lot of travel agency there offering activities around Kuching and I'm sure they would have this programme there as well. 

Modern Longhouse

One of the locals there, carving up bamboos.

Little girl at the stairs. 

I wanted to get to get a good shot of her and she run away already after this. Am I that scary? Sad. :(

They sold organic veggies here.

It was already evening by the time we reached so the place is not really 'happening' anymore I guess. Probably in the morning there's more thing happening around here. 

There's a lot of cats there though. A LOT.

Cat on the mat.

Cat on the roof.

A dog surrounded by cats. He's not bullied by them. :)

Longhouse Murals
 And these are the murals that was painted somewhere in the village. Just ask the locals there and they will show you where is the murals at. They're all friendly and awesome people. 

Mural of a kid holding a CAT.


Kid in a boat.

A lady laughing?

Another bridge within the village itself. 

We also bought some snacks that we haven't seen in a long time. Childhood snacks and titbits . Ah good memories~ The kinds of snacks that we can't even find anymore around Kuching town area. If I can find the picture I'll share it here. :)

Another shot of the longhouse. 

All in all it was a good place to have a little fun at. Definitely beats walking around in the shopping malls all the time. Nature is beautiful, remember to make some times to visit this awesome place! 

For more information : Sarawak Tourism

That's it! Till next time!

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