Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Believe It Or Not

Guess how many dogs I have?

F cup if you're wondering( again..I'm not a pervert!! :) )

He's small but he's big on 'performance'. If you know what I mean..

Give me the stink eye look. Bo ka si wan.

Two words, Anger Management.

Mommy doggie

Daughter Doggie

Son Doggie # 1

Son Doggie #2

Son Doggie # 3

Apppear out of nowhere. Runaway Bitch.(female dog..ok?)

Yep..that's right. I have 10 badass dogs. Don't play play ah. Kidding! They are very gentle dogs. Except number 4..and 3. Oh and number 2 too. Believe it.

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