Friday, March 26, 2010

The Best Kueh Chap in Kuching @ 3rd Mile Market

For all you Kueh Chap fans out there in Kuching, if you haven't try this Kueh Chap you are not a real Kueh Chap fanatic. This Kueh Chap shop is located at the hawker center at 3rd Mile Market. Near Sunny Hill there and by the way Sunny Hill has the best soft ice-cream in Kuching. (other than Mcdonalds of course.) 

Here's a picture of the Kueh Chap.

The dipping sauce

The thing that make us keep coming back for this Kueh Chap is this spicy and sour-ish sauce. I can't explain the taste but its heavenly!!! No Kueh Chap will be complete without this sauce. Apparently this sauce is like a secret recipe and been handed down from generation. That's what I heard( don't know true or not.) :)

I forgot to take the store picture because I was too busy enjoying my Kueh Chap but you will notice when you get there because most people will order from this store. Just look for a very skinny guy who serve the Kueh Chap and order from that store. He sell Kueh Chap and yet he's so skinny. Kinda ironic right? The price is RM 3.50 a bowl. Quite expensive but worth it.

Beside that, 3rd Mile hawker center also offer a quite tasty Kolo Mee. But its 2nd in my list. I'll show you the Best Kolo Mee soon.Its RM 2.50 a bowl. The shop is called No.8 Kolo Mee.

Hey look! They even got sell RAT flavoured noodle!(Kueh Tikus)

The Kolo Mee stall

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