Saturday, March 20, 2010

Food Friday!!

I've decided to do a post about food every Friday. From ME cooking it, or reviewing a place with (or just drinks) Fret not, I will be cooking SIMPLE food and SIMPLE food only. I'm no frikkin gourmet frikkin chef. Rest assured, YOU WILL NOT BE POISONED. :) Let's start.
Today's Recipe....Maggi Mee MY Style..
Things You Need :-
1 pack of Maggi Mee

1 egg
2 cups of water
1 spoonful of Red Shallot Oil
1 Wok
1 pair of chopsticks

1 spoon

Prepare the ingredient above.

This is the picture of the Red Shallot Oil.

Lets go to the cooking part! First boil the 2 cups of water in a wok. Wait till it bubble. I've included of a picture of boiling water for you. Just incase you don't even know how boiling water look like. :)

This is Mr.Water in the Wok taking a HOT bath. Make sure the water is boiling by sticking your finger in it. Kidding!!! Kids...DON'T DO IT!!or I will have a lawsuit on my a**.

Unwrap the Maggi Mee pack and dump the noodle in it! Wait for 3-4 minutes or longer if you want your noodle to be soggy. (good for people with no teeth)
Scoop it up after 3-4 minutes and put it in a bowl together with the seasoning. Don't add too much water though so the noodle won't get soggy.

Then crack an egg into the still boiling water and wait till it turn like this....

Scoop up the egg gently and put it in the bowl with the noodle just like this.....

Add a little bit more water and then take a spoonful of the Red Shallot Oil and just throw it inside the bowl. (Just take the crunchy stuff, don't put too much of the oil)
Voila!! Serve it with a tall ice cold glass of Ribena and just start slurping away!!! You want this don't you? I know you want it. :)

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