Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Little Something About Me

Lets start with a
picture shall we?

The best normal picture I can find ( I look like a crazy person in most pictures :) )

That's me, Lindy. I'm 19 (turning 20) years old , Cancer (chinese zodiac is Seabiscuit) incase you don't know its the name of a famous horse. I'm born with a happy head full of straight hairs and for no reason it decided to turn curly when I was about 12 years old. Thank God for rebonding!! Atleast I'm not bald, thats a plus.

I love all animal with a few exceptions of course. An example of animal I hate is earthworms eventhough they have a pretty cool name, Nightcrawlers but unfortunately they are NOT COOL AT ALL. and also, I hate all of Mr. Earthworm slimy friends such as snails.

The face only a mother can love...(or is this the butt??)

So, please don't come and hurl one of this thing at me. Lets move on!

I don't drink, I hate smokers, I love to shop, I love to watch movies and all that shennanigans. I went to SMK Batu Lintang and currently lazing around. I love my dogs, I'm not a mushy person, I love to talk crap and BS all the time. That BASICALLY describe me I guess.

I named this blog Never Take LiFe Seriously because I think that phrase suit me best. Anybody who know me KNOW that I'm never serious about anything. Hoping to change that soon by commiting to this blog and that's it. That's me.

For your entertainment. Yes..I permit you to laugh. Ciao!

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