Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

What's the best place to blog or surf the net? For me its home sweet home of course!! There are no other place more comfortable than our own home.

Why bother going to other places just to surf the net and beside that, you have to carry around your laptop (the heavy ones) or whatever gadgets you use to surf the nets while you can just surf comfortably in your own home. There is a Hokkien phrase for that doing, it is 'Bo su, choi su cho'. It basically mean looking for problem when you have
none. :)

Moreover, when your at your own home you have your privacy and you can do things like listen to musics in high volume while surfing the net, eat and drink without having to pay a CENT or save money on car fuel. BUT,there will come a day when we have to surf the net outside our homes..days such as when we further our studies or working or travelling. When that day comes, we will be prepared.

BAM!! I want nobody, nobody buy YOU!

Introducing Wiggy, the latest portable modem by P1 Wimax. It is pocketsize and very light so it is very easy to carry around. It is so light you won't even notice its there!...Okay, perhaps I exaggerate a little bit there. Next, it also have the speed up to 10mbps. Yeah, you heard me. 10mbps!! Its tiny but its big on performance. You just have to plug it in your notebook and start surfing the net like nobody's business.

I would get one if I were you... :)

For more information, go here

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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