Monday, March 22, 2010

No Sweat

I'm sure every guy worried how they smell after they just finish their workouts or playing sports or even after dancing with your special someone. You don't want to scared away your girl with your smell do ya? That will be kind of a heavy blow to your 'mojojo'. I think girls don't mind if guys sweats a lot but what bother us is if you're emitting that special smell. Nobody would dare to shake your hands let alone hug you or dare to do something 'ahem ahem' with you.

"Lonely..I'm Mr. Lonely..."

I know.. I know, you probably saying that you can't control your sweat from pouring out of your body right? But that's not an excuse from smelling good all the time. From my experience. I know that some guy who has body odour problem caused by excessive sweating, and he will spray perfume/cologne to try to cover the smell. But, guess what? It will smell even WORSE!! Maybe its the chemical reaction between the sweat and perfume and turn it into....Sulphur maybe.I don't know... I failed my high school ;)

So, Stop Smelling Your Sweaty Armpits Right NOW and head over to your nearest pharmacy and get one of these!

This little tube of deodorant are known as Adidas Action 3 Men Deodorant. If you are a 'sweaty or having a body odor problem' guy, get one of this and start spraying. Just a couple of spray from this baby will leave you smelling Fresh like you just got out of the shower. And the Ladies will be attracted to you like they are attracted to Cheap Sales! So quick, go and get 1 now!! After that you Got Sweat, will also feel like No Sweat like that. :)

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Check this out!

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