Monday, March 15, 2010

Selamat Datang ke Blog Saya!! (

GOTCHA! You thought this blog will be written in BM aren't ya...well You're WRONG!! apologies for that lame-o prank. Ahem, my name is uh..Lindy and I started this blog because I need to do something in my life and stick with it for once.

You see, I'm not crazy about hardworking, determination and stuff like that so I hope that by starting this blog, I WILL CHANGE THAT.(maybe) I am a normal girl living a normal life and like most teenagers, I never take life seriously (but sometimes I will, I'm still a human ma...).

This blog will be consist of things that I find funny and well..just a place to express myself and write Whatever the F*** I want for me as well as my friends entertainment. And starting from now this blog will be about 93% CurseWords FREE! So feel free to take a look kids! CIAO! :) and remember never take life TOO seriously, let loose..have a couple of drinks.Non alcoholics of course.

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