Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Celebrity Encounter..I think?

Guess who he is??

So, I saw him last year when I went to KL and this is filmed stalker style in a bus at airport. Well, what can I say...I'm shy. I can't help but wondering why he used a bus? There should be a TAXI atleast that's waiting to pick him up. I mean he is quite popular in Singapore for being the host of a food show. Scroll down to get the answer!
Guess already?

No idea?

This is him...

His name is KF Seetoh. I used to watch his show, Makansutra in the AFC channel in Astro. It's about him introducing all the good food in Singapore. He even ever hangout with Anthony Bourdain from the show A Cook's Tour and No Reservation and showed him a good times in Singapore. I've always regretted that I didn't ask him for an autograph that day and instead filmed him in a stalker-ish way... what a loser...:(

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