Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Clash Of The Titans Review

Last Thursday which is 1st of April, I went to MBO Cinema at The Spring with my friends to watch one of the highly anticipated movie of this year Clash Of The Titans.

Actually, I'm not a fan of this kind of movie but one of my friend showed me the trailer and I was quite interested with it because of the graphic, the storyline and let's not forget Sam Worthington, teehee. So, I tell myself why not? Any movie with Sam Worthington in it should be good. He was in Terminator Salvation and Avatar and these movies didn't let me down. Let's continue with the movie Clash Of The Titans...truth to be told, I think this movie sucks and a big disappointment.Its so bad its like a bad joke on April Fool day. My advice would be to just download it or buy a DVD. Not that I support doing this illegal piracy thing. :) SPOILER ahead so don't read it if you wanna watch it!!!


Lets start with the graphic of this movie shall we? The graphic is quite okay but at the beginning when Perseus and his family were on a boat, the background look so FAKE that I can't stand it. But then it gets better eventually( Thank God!) After that the thing that I can't stand is the 'Gods'. Its so stupid that they make the Gods wear armour and everything. They are god, what can happen to them??

The good god is Zeus while the evil one is his brother Hades. One lived of human prayers and human belief while the other lived of from human fear. As usual nothing special, typical plot. Perseus being a half god half man wanted to take revenge on Hades because he killed his 'parents' and his 'sister'. They are not his real parent. His real dad which is a king put his mother and him when he was a baby in a coffinand throw them into the ocean AFTER getting strike by lightning. Kinda doesn't makes sense when you think about it.

I'll skip off the boring parts which consist of a fat queen getting killed by Hades, Perseus arrival at city of Argos, 10 days to sacrifice Princess Andromeda to saved everybody in the city from being killed by the Kraken bla bla bla.... So, Perseus and his band of warriors are on a journey to see the witch to get advice on how to killed the Kraken. Pegasus which is a flying horse showed up somewhere in the journey and then fly off right away when trouble came. Apparently the horse is a gift from Zeus which is Perseus real father. To make it short Zeus raped the wife of a king( I forgot the name). What a God-ly behaviour right?

Perseus with a bag of Medusa's head and a shield made from scorpion 'skin?' and wearing a skirt.

The battle with the scorpions are quite cool and the battle with Medusa are quite interesting too. But what bumped me is the battle with Perseus and Hades.(the horse came back somewhere here) Its a frikkin one shot kill. I thought the best battle should be saved for last!! and Kraken was killed with Medusa head which turned the monster into stone. What a bummer! and they lived happily ever after....that's it. I'll give it a 4 out of 10. Would be a 2 if Sam Worthington not in it.

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