Friday, April 9, 2010

Fishball Soup & Pork Satay @ Lau Ya Keng (Carpenter Street)

There is a place in Kuching called 'Lau Ya Keng' or something like that. Its located at Carpenter Street and the place is just located opposite a temple there. I gotta admit that this place is not completely clean or hygienic but who cares...there's good food there! But recently they just finished renovating it and it looks cleaner now because they fix the ceiling and re-paint the 

This is how the place looks like.

There are quite a few of good food here, there is the famous fishballs with vermicelli soup. Technically its called Yong Tau Fu. Its so simple yet it taste so good. From what I heard, the fishballs here is 100% pure fish meat and its handmade. I guess that's the reason why it taste better than frozen fishballs.
Anything that is handmade is better than machine-made in my opinion. There is meatballs, fishballs, and the tofu thingy in the soup. If I'm not mistaken it cost around RM3.50 per bowl.

Fishball Soup

The fishballs soup and the sauce that goes along with it. Its the sauce that makes it complete, without the sauce I think the dish is just....boring.

And then there is the pork satay that cost RM0.50 per stick. Quite expensive but its so good 

that nobody cares how much it cost.

Tender and succulent pork satay

And again, its the peanut sauce that makes it taste better. The peanut sauce is sweet, gooey and nutty and there are chunky pieces of peanuts in it which makes it taste heavenly!! But the downside is the service there are not really friendly but who cares, we just go there and eat the food not looking at some PMS aunties faces. :)

Pork satay covered in sweet and savoury peanut sauce. Mmmm...

Beside that, there is a stall selling small packets of ' Sweet Chah Kueh' and its like RM3 per packet which is very expensive in my opinion and its fried by some old man outside near the shop. Eventhough its expensive its good. There is also stalls selling Kolo Mee and Laksa. At night there are stalls selling Kueh Chap and somekind of seafood soups. The Fishballs and Pork Satay shops only open during the day and not at night. So, give it a try if you lived in Kuching or when you visit Kuching. It's a must try when you're in Kuching.


  1. Oh my God, this is one of my favourite eating place in Kuching. How I wish I could fly back now. I miss Kuching!!!

  2. haha! When you fly back to Kuching, go there to eat immediately!!


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