Friday, April 16, 2010

Rojak Kucei (Indian Rojak) @ Batu Lintang, Kuching

The place to eat Rojak India in Kuching is definitely at a shop called Rojak Kucei located at somewhere Batu Lintang there. If you know th
e 4D place there you should know where this place is located. :) They are famous for their Rojak India, Nasi Briyani, Fish Curry and etc. They are only open during daytime only and closed on Sunday.

This is how the shop looks like. Yes, I know there is a chicken giving a thumbs up ironic.

It is usually packed with people so be sure to go early like 9 - 10am.

When you go, make sure to ordered the Teh C Peng ( Iced Milk Tea) there. Damn nice I tell you!! In my opinion its the best Teh C Peng in Kuching. Try it out!

Ok .Enough of that. Let's check out the food!

This is the Nasi Briyani. You can have it either with fried or steamed chicken. Considered steamed because cook together with the rice. :)

This is the dish that come with the Nasi Briyani. There's tofu, some veggie fritters and cucumbers in it.The sauce is sweet and savoury. This is similar to the Rojak India, just that Rojak India has chicken in it. I know you're thinking it looks like the thing you often see in toilet after you have severe case of diarrhea but trust me, its GOOD. You wish you can eat it after you poop it out again. Kidding! :D

This is also the side dish that come with Nasi Briyani. It is what they called Dal. Something made with lentils. I guess the English name is Lentil curry? :)

You have to wait quite awhile for your food to arrived though, but that's what happens when you go to eat some good food right? This is a place where you can see 1Malaysia really happening because there's all kind of races there eating happily. I guess good food really does bring all people together. :)

Try it out!!


  1. wow...must tell STP to eat there ...looks delicious

  2. indian food..mee rojak

  3. damn..i was just finished playing tennis and a little bit I need to go to mamak and order myself ice tea

  4. I remember going there 2 years ago and I never went back anymore. I ordered the rojak and I chewed a newspaper FML max :(.


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