Friday, April 23, 2010

Westwood @ Kuching

Westwood is the place where you can enjoy cheap and tasty western food. Its located opposite of Chong Lin Park or beside the furniture shop Beetex.All the food here are sold at an affordable and reasonable price. Its a great place for teens to hang out and for families to enjoy dinner.

This is how the place looks like. It is usually crowded at Saturday and Sunday night. :D

This beverage is called Wheatgrass with Milk and Cincau. I guess you can figure out what's in it after reading the name.

Let's check out the food....
I think this is the best Fish And Chips in Kuching. I would order this everytime I went to Westwood. Why? Because its cheap and tasty. It cost RM10 and it is delicious!!! Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside. The fish doesn't have fishy smell and the tartar sauce is great! The portion is quite big too. I think Westwood is best known for its Fish and Chips.

This is their Lamb Chop. Its quite tasty I guess (I didn't taste it. lol) I don't like lamb. But I know their Chicken Chop is tasty!! And I know their black pepper sauce is tasty. :P

Another funny thing about this place is the birthday parties. When they bring out the cake, they usually played the cheesy and lame birthday song. So feel free to bring your friend here to celebrate their birthday ( Its fun if you're into those kinds of lame joke. Like me!!) :D It is very embarassing unless you are 5-8 years old.

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