Friday, April 30, 2010

Jade Pot Tea House @ Kuching

There are 2 branch of Jade Pot Tea House in Kuching. One is located at Jalan Song Thian Cheok while the other one are located somewhere along Jalan Keretapi. I always go the the one at Jalan Keretapi because there is less people there which means your food will arrived faster. :D And also I think the food at this branch taste better than the other one. Let's check out the food.

This is basically Milk Tea serve in a super cute tiny glass. Its called Lovely Milky Tea. Pretty good Milk Tea in my opinion. There are lots of other drinks in their menu, mostly teas.

This is their Beef Noodles. Its quite salty but it is D-E-licious!! Definitely the best beef noodles in town. The meat melts in your mouth and it is quite cheap. Only RM 5 a bowl.

This is their Fried Dumpling. You can choose the filling too. Either pork with chives or pork with cabbage. Personally I like the cabbage one better. It is so awesome I can't use words to describe it. Try it and you will know how tasty it is. :)

I think Jade Pot Tea House is definitely famous f
or its Beef Noddles and their dumplings. But there are other dishes that are good too such as Pork or Chicken Chop Rice and many other Taiwan dish. If you don't know what to order, just order what I order. You won't regret it.

Want some??? :D


  1. ai yo..the beef noodles looks really divine!! :-P

  2. wow...the beef noodle looks really yummy. Soup so thick.

    Not really crazy about these type of dumpling. Prefer the thin skins ones :)

  3. dumpling nmpak sedap..
    dh lame looking for halal and best dumpling..

    visit you back..add your blog in my blog list.


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