Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Funny S***!!

Seriously, Shane Dawson is one of the funniest Youtube-er out there. Check his videos!

Here's one of the example. (there is more funny one of course :D )

I want 'Lamb Chop'! So frikkin cute!

Such a creative mind he has and great expressions too! Not to mention awesome sense of humor and he has lots of parodies of music videos such as Tik Tok by Kesha and Telephone by Lady GaGa. So, if you have the same taste in jokes like will love Shane Dawson videos. :D Check out his other videos too! It will enlighten your day.


  1. yeah he's cool.. i prefer kevjumba though.. haha.. =)

  2. hahahhaha...i just know about him...

  3. yeah i watch his vids too

    i LOLed watching his twilightsaga-parodies

    if they're his..cos i cant actually recall whose did i read


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