Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ghost Story : School Toilet

Remember the time when we were in high school an
d we would gather around with our friends when we have free time because the teacher is absent or when we hangout with friends and just talking? I'm sure everyone at some point will start to talk about ghost stories. Especially at night or during a cold rainy day.

There is a story that really gives me the chills and to be honest, us
ually my reaction towards ghost stories would be 'Ceh, so lame!'. But I don't know why this particular story creeps me out.

The story goes like this......

Two girl students were staying back late at school to do some school project. It was already late at night( this part of the story doesn't make sense..hehe). When they finally decide to pack up and go home, 1 of the girl need to go to the toilet so the other girl said "Okay, hurry up." and that she will be waiting for her in front of the school gate.

After a while later, she was getting uneasy and she thought that her friend should be getting back by now. So, she go to the toilet to check on her and when she arrived at the toilet, she noticed that there is no one there but an old lady mopping the floor and it was dark at that time. So she thought 'Hmm, the cleaning lady is here...maybe her friend went home without her?'

So she just went home and the next day she found out that her friend had died. It was the way she died that's freaky. (although its quite
funny) They found the body of her friend in the toilet and it was put upside down and leaning on the wall. Get it? Like a mop. And I think you can piece the story together by now.

If you still can't figure it out, the old lady (which is obviously a ghost) that was mopping the floor was USING HER FRIEND AS A MOP TO MOP THE FLOOR!!!! Okay okay...I admit that it is quite funny but when the story was told at night and in a surprise way it was quite scary.

I just can't help but imagine what if it was boys instead of girls. What would the old lady do with him?

This probably....

As a 'berus jamban' or toilet brush!!! Get it? Because boys have short hair? :D

So do you have any creepy ghost stories to share? Feel free to write in comment and share it with me. I love a good ghost stories. :)


  1. Ur pics are really scary.. but when i read it..
    i was laughing. hahaha

  2. Lol! I don't know if I should be creeped out or laugh at that story.

  3. LOL...now i would never look at a brush jamban the same way again..


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