Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pak Cheng Soup??

For this post I'll be writing in Manglish (Malaysian-English. Similar to Singlish) style a little bit.

WHAT KIND OF NAME ALSO GOT ONE IN THIS WORLD??? Soup like this name who wanna drink it???

Pak Cheng Soup by A1.

Pak Cheng literally means 'shooting guns' in Hokkien. But if you add another word 'chui' which means water in Hokkien, it will be 'Pak Chui Cheng'. Too bad this soup is not 'Pak Chui Cheng' soup. Translation to English is 'Shoot Water Gun'. Now, I'm sure everybody who speaks Hokkien or even Mandarin will know the other meaning to those words.

For us yellow minded people , it basically means masturbate ( for boys la). We girls have no 'guns'. :) Maybe after you guys drink this soup it will be easier for you to 'Pak Cheng'. Cheaper than Viagra what....

P.S : If anyone ever tasted this soup, let me know. (or atleast tell me what it means in Mandarin) :)


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  2. Hahaha...good for what punya ah?

  3. well coincidentally i drank it b4.. my mum boiled one. its actually a chinese herbal soup supposedly especially good for girls after the monthly aunty visit. Cz can replenish the iron loss. :)

  4. Sorry...came across this post by accident. Pak Cheng = 8 herbs (which is also written in chinese on the packet). So yes this is a medicinal soup made up of 8 types of chinese herbs. It tastes sweetish and helps boost vitality, blood circulation, iron absorbtion and reduce lethargy....good for girls.

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