Saturday, April 10, 2010

Woohoo!! I won tickets to see TOKIO HOTEL Live In Malaysia!!

Yep. This is TOKIO HOTEL and no I'm not an emo person or a kind of person who wear too much eyeliner. :)

They are the one who sing the song 'Automatic' and 'World Behind My Wall'. The song that they keep playing over and over again in I'm sure anybody who tune in to at some point ever heard their songs. Well, even though I'm not a big fan of them, I'm thankful that I've won tickets to see them and I will go and see them. ( I think??) I didn't do anything to win the tickets by the way, all thanks to my sister which is their CRAZY hardcore fan.

They will be performing at 1 Utama on 1st of May which is a Saturday. If you're going..Leave a comment!!! :)


  1. Oh, I won too! I'd be joining you there! Hehe.

  2. why the picture so dark 1. this pic is like last year punya. go find new one la. chiew..

    -your pretty sister. LOL LOL.


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