Sunday, May 30, 2010

Santubong Beach Resort

Looking for a place to go with family or friends this upcoming holiday? A beach holiday perhaps? Well, all Kuchingnites will think of Damai Beach Resort or Damai Puri (previously known as Damai Lagoon) when the word 'beach' is mention. But if you are looking for a cheaper alternatives, Santubong Beach Resort is pretty good too.

Went to Santubong Beach Resort for a one day trip with friends a couple of weeks ago. We decided to choose Santubong Resort because at that time it is cheaper than Damai Beach Resort and we just don't have the budget to go to Damai Beach Resort. It is a 45 minutes or about an hour drive from Kuching city. Depend on how fast you drive :D

The Swimming Pool

The room we stayed in ( Standard Room)

Checked in and went to check out the room. It was better than what I think. The room was quite big and fit 6 of us comfortably, although some of us have to sleep on the floor( not comfortable for them I But the room did slightly have a kind of smell, you know the kind of smell when a room was not use for quite some time? That kind of musty smell. But other than that, it was all good, the bathroom was quite big, there's a bath tub and a shower and uh.....a toilet, Duh. :D There's 2 beds, both of those beds can easily fit 5 people. A television that can't really be watched and a big closet. Enough of that, let's check out the beach!!

Unlike Damai Beach Resort, guests will have to walk fo
r about 3-5 minutes (depend where your room is located) in order to get to the beach. But don't worry because while you walk you can sightsee at the same time. Beautiful views and friends and family will entertain you while you walk. Remember to bring all the things you need when you go to the beach as it will be a hassle to go back to the hotel room to get it. Unless you are the kind of person who likes to jog or walk. :D


That's how the beach looks like. Pretty clean and the water is clear too. A lot of hermit crabs too which is good for me because I love hermit crabs.Overall it is a great beach. The only complain I have is there is no facilities like toilet or place to bath after playing at the beach and in a safety perspective I guess you just gotta look out for yourself and be careful when playing in the water if you can't swim. ;P

The view there during sunset are just too beautiful to explain so take a look yourself. :D

Thanks to Grace who took all those awesome shots!

Dinner..ugh..what a terrible experience at one of the restaurant. Bad service but good food or maybe we are just too hungry that's why all the food is so tasty. Bad service as in a dish come at a 30 minutes interval, like literally. The worst service I ever had. Its the restaurant next to Lim Hock Ann. Ordered Butter Prawn and get Butter Chicken instead. Leaking glass. And the bill is like RM92. Damn crazy. Now I know why nobody go to that restaurant.

Went back to the hotel and had a great time snacking while playing UNO. UNO is a MUST in a trip with groups of friends in my opinion! Chased away boredom and make everyone happy! :D

In conclusion, its a great trip!! Had an awesome time at Santubong Beach Resort...


  1. santubong. not very fun leh. but is cheaper la.

  2. seems like its such a relaxing place! :D

  3. nice pictures!
    looks great yea :))

  4. Land of Borneo........nice beach too.

  5. It has been a long time I didn't go to Santubong already. :)

  6. The 2nd last pic is breathtakingly beauutifuul

  7. the standard room is actually very spacious eh? NICE sunset pic there.. :D

  8. wow..nice shot..and the room. standard still big maaa

  9. hasn't been to Santubong for a the sunset

  10. hi hi...thanks for the is santubong beach...i heard before but never been before....looks good.

  11. Those shots are impressive. The beach looks perfectly attuned for long and relaxing vacations. Speaking of beaches, Philippines also has famous beaches offering great and one of a kind tropical island getaway.


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