Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tokio Hotel Live In Malaysia Part 1

Well, this is a rather late post considering the Tokio Hotel concert was held over 2 weeks ago. Make it a VERY late post. (Sorry! Been really lazy lately) Better late than never right? :D
So my trip to see Tokio Hotel went like this, on the morning of May 1st...went to OneWorld hotel at 1Utama to check in.

Sakai people.

This is how it looks like inside. View from our hotel room....still a view tennis match to watch somemore. No need sports channel.
This is what super sakai people do.

It looks better on the inside compare to the exterior view of the hotel. When I look from the outside, I was like 'Really? This is a 5 star hotel? Ceh!' but when I got inside I was like 'WOW!' and started to walk around looking here and there like suapa lang. (jungle people) Its true what people says, Do Not Judge A Book By Its Cover.

So, after checking in, we went to 1Utama for the Tokio Hotel signing session which is at 11.40am if I remember correctly but my sister insist that we go at 10.15am. Yeah I know..crazy is the word that comes to mind. Bear in mind that she is the crazy fan...NOT ME! :D By the time we get there, there were already a long line of people waiting. I don't even wanna guess what time the people at the front line came, 7am?

Here are the pictures during the signing session.

Bill? Tom? Bill? I thinks its it??So shiny the head.
I believe this is Giorg and Gustav.
When Tokio Hotel came out, you won't believe how loud or how high pitch all the girls screamed. If there was a dog there, it would die like instantly. Thats how loud it was. It was crazy I tell you. The building even shake a little....okay, I over exaggerate. But seriously the sound was exactly the same as the flying bird dinasour in the movie Jurassic Park.

And all the fans risk getting permanent hearing loss or ear damage for........

A Tokio Hotel signed CD.

Looks like doodling to me. :)

Next post would be the concert itself. Coming soon :D


  1. high pitched screaming always happens when artists arrive... especially when they're late. XD

  2. wow.. their autograph.. like tornados on rampage. LOL

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