Monday, May 24, 2010

Tokio Hotel Live In Malaysia Part 2

Tickets to see the TOKIO HOTEL concert. ( They don't even check the tickets when we went in. What's the point of the tickets then? Souvenir I guess...lousy security)

Went to the concert around 6.15pm and there were already a sea of people where the concert were to held. We meet up with my sister's friends and I have to say I was pretty excited about the concert eventhough I'm not a Tokio Hotel fan. We waited for around 1 hour before they finally let us in to the concert area. Saw alot of people running when they were let in, to get the best spots I guess eventhough the floor was slippery because it was raining that time. Wonder if anybody fell? LOL

Before the concert......

1 hour later....still before the concert....

So, here's a video for you..(taken by my sis)

(Sorry but the audio is not that great. Perhaps its because its too loud there or something.)

Overall, I gotta say I didn't enjoyed the concert. Why? I'll tell you why. LOL.

1. I waited for around 3 hours while standing in the rain and a sea full of sweaty people before Tokio Hotel finally came out to performed.

2. There are a group of crazy boys decided to do mosh pits in the middle of the concert. If you don't know what mosh pits is, its a kind of dance( don't even know if its a dance) where they kicked,punched, headbanging and etc while listening to heavy metal music/ satan music. They are basically endangering people but the security didn't even do anything about it. There's kids there by the way.

3. Listening to local bands such as Pop Shuvit and some other local band, I think it was Bunkface performing for 3 hours. I'm sorry to anybody who like them but I can't bear to LISTEN TO THEIR SONGS FOR 3 FRIKKIN HOUR. I rather listen to Barney songs or something.

4. Played so much Lady Gaga song, they might as well say its a Lady Gaga concert instead of Tokio Hotel concert.

5. Too many underage kids at the concert too. Guess they have nothing better to do but learning to smoke and do some nasty things with their partner. What an eye sore. :(
6. And the best part is I can't see a damn thing. Because I'm too short and ended up looking at people's sweaty back all night long. AWESOME.

But, Tokio Hotel were pretty good I guess. Atleast they don't lipsync. That's a plus.

Oh well, atleast I've learn a lesson from going to this type of concert. DON'T EVER GO AGAIN UNLESS I HAVE A VIP PASS or something. And go to the type of concert where you can sit and watch. Much enjoyable that way. :)


  1. age limit one meh :-P

  2. too bad you didnt have a great time there. Agree with you about the VIP pass.

  3. why everything also lady gaga.. =/

  4. great event....tq for visiting my blog n follow u now.

  5. Some concerts are always damn sweaty >.<

  6. TOKIO HOTEL??????????
    i missed it...


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