Monday, June 21, 2010

Jong's Crocodile Farm @ Kuching ( Crickey Mate!! )

If you live in Kuching for quite sometime already, I'm sure you've ever been or even heard of Jong's Crocodile Farm & Zoo right? If not shame on you!! But don't worry, if you can't go there, I'll bring Jong's Crocodile Farm to you! Sharing is caring ma..... :D

The entrance fee is RM 10 for adult and RM 5 for children if you have MyKad ( Malaysian I.C Identification Card). If I'm not mistaken, for foreigners it's double the price. Getting expensive, the last time I went it's only RM 8, now its RM 10. Let's see what they add in the farm that they need to up their price extra RM 2. wtf

The Entrance

The farm would not be complete without a fake GIANT crocodile eh? People like to take photo with this fake crocodile..take photo with real ones better la...pfftt.. Better experience :D

The lonely sun bear...T.T

Otters sun-taning. If you look closely there is a baby otter.

This chicken/bird? remind me of someone famous.. :D Nice hair dude! Wonder what he use as styling gel? Hmm.....

This bird's hair remind me of.....

THIS GUY!! Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel! Copycat! Or should I say copychicken?

Some Porcupines

Bearcat. Very Cute!!

Cassowary. Huge ass bird. Still cute!

Boar. Smelly.

Very very sad to watch the monkeys in this zoo. It's like they didn't feed them and they keep on begging for food from people who passed by. So, remember to bring a banana if you go there. :)

Monitor Lizard relaxing.

Entrance to see all the animals above.

The crocodiles feeding time is at 11am and 3pm. So remember to be there before that time so that you won't miss out on the show. It's quite neat watching those crocodiles jump to get their food. (and its the only thing that's fun to watch for like the first 15 minutes.)

The feeding post. See all those crocs down there? Scary...should upgrade it to a post made out of bricks. Safer.

Beautiful but creepy animals.

Looking at the bait....

GO FOR IT!! Pretty awesome I must say...

And last but not least....the White Crocodile!! (white meh?) There's a tail-less crocodile too but I didn't take a picture of it.

Beside that, there is some big fish that looks like giant Arowana at there too. The fish is called Arapaima if I'm not mistaken. Huge fish. ALOT of crocodiles and in different sizes too. There are some birds, rabbits, and snakes as well.

Overall, Jong's Crocodile Farm is an okay place to go if you want to see some animals. Its the closest things that resembles a zoo in Kuching. Oh yeah, you can buy crocodile meat and things made out of crocodile skins at there too. It's called Crocodile Farm for a reason. Duh. :D

For more information : Jong's Crocodile Farm & Zoo


  1. wakakaka *laughing at the bird's hair and its comparison*

  2. OMG! the crocodiles look so terrible!

  3. The place looks so run down. But I think I've been there when I was much younger :P

  4. Woah... animals animals animals ... cute but not hugable because they

  5. Didn't know about this place the time I was visiting. Thanks for the highlight. Went to see the orangutan though. Nice.


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