Friday, June 25, 2010

Homemade Lasagna

I just realised that Lasagna is actually pretty easy to make. Why spend all those hard-earned money and eat those expensive lasagna at some fancy restaurant when you can enjoy the experience of making it yourself. After all, if you make it yourself it will so much satisfying and tastier
than you expected.Okay. the ingredients you need to make lasagna is...( I'm sorry but no measurement because me and my sis just chucks things in into the pot until it feels right. lol )

For the red sauce.( which is spaghetti sauce. :D )

Ground beef
Garlic & Onions ( I used 2 onions and 6 cloves of garlic. The more the tastier what. :D)
Cooking Oil
Carrots (Shredded)
Full Cream Milk
2 Tomatoes (diced)
A can of Tomato puree
Salt & Black Pepper

For the white sauce.


Other things

Lasagna sheets

Step 1 : Put some butter and oil in a pot. After the butter melted, throw in the garlic and onions you just chopped up! And stir it until it turn a little brown. Not charred, just brown. :D

Step 2 : Chuck in the ground beef and carrots and just stir!

Step 3 : When the beef turns brown, add in the milk. Just enough milk so that it barely covered all the ingredients inside the pot and then let it simmer in slow heat for like 20 minutes.

Step 4 : Throw in a can of tomato puree and water equivalent to the can of tomato puree.( Fill the tomato puree can with water and just pour it in. haha) And throw in the tomatoes you diced too. And stir again.

Oregano leaves.

Step 5 : Put in oregano leaves, salt and black pepper. ( Use your cooking instincts on how much to put in. :D) Just don't throw in too much salt and you will be fine. lol

Things you need before you assembled the lasagna.

Step 6 : Oh yeah, for the white sauce, melt some butter in a pot, put about 2 tablespoons of flour and stir it and then add milk and then add mozarella or cheddar cheese. But I think the white sauce is not really that necessary. (Cause I'm lazy. lol) And that's the step to prepare the sauce for lasagna.

Now its the steps to assembled the lasagna.

Step 1 : Red sauce first at the bottom of the pan.

Step 2 : Put the lasagna sheets on top of the red sauce. Cover the sauce with lasagna sheets.

Step 3 : After that, another layer of red sauce, white sauce and again lasagna sheets. Repeat Step 2 & 3 until the pan is full. But the last layer is only red sauce and NO lasagna sheets.

Step 4 : Cover the surface with mozarella cheese.

Step 5 : Bake in the oven for 35-40 minutes at 180 degrees and it will comes out like this....

BAM!!! :D

And here is the finish product. Step 6 : Enjoy your lasagna. :)


  1. Ya very expensive o buy outside..

  2. oooooooooo sedap! I love lasagna. am a garfield fan and garfield just loves lasagna :D

  3. nice one!
    can you delivered it to my house??

    btw,thanks blogwalking me..

  4. wow wanna try this too! :) looks great!! *drools*

  5. =OOOOO
    *drools all over the keyboard*
    gosh looks good wehhh~

  6. wow.. so clever in baking, Lindy!! i love lasagna too.. used to order this in Secret Recipe till my waist started to widen, i stopped!! lol...

  7. oooh.. looks yummy!! and i never knew that baking lasagna is that simple!! will it try it out one of these days!!

  8. Cool! Looks yummy! Thanks for recipe. Good to know. Psst... thanks for stopping by.

  9. It's been sometimes I had lasagna. Drooling over yours now >.<

  10. You should try it with Parmesan cheese next time...
    and don't skip the white sauce (bechamel sauce), makes it moister + creamier ma.

  11. haha..wanna try too..
    will save this recipe for future reference..

  12. Wow, looks like u did a good job! Yummy :)

    Oh, I've just revamped Luxury Indulgence. Pop over when u've time & let me noe ur views. Have a good weekend!


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