Friday, June 18, 2010

KOREANA Restaurant @ Kuching

P.S : The price stated in this post might have increased already (most probably) as 2 years has gone by since this post. (4.4.2013)

In my opinion, KOREANA is one of the best Korean restaurant in Kuching
. Its located at Premier 101 near the ice kacang shop (forget what's the name of the shop sorry! ). The food is a tad bit expensive but for me its worth it. Honestly all the Korean restaurant in Kuching sell their food overpriced except for one exception, Seoul Garden which is located at 3rd mile. Cheaper than KOREANA a little bit. lol :D Okay..let's check out the noms!

Their Menu

Pretty nice environment but not korean-ny enough. Should sit at floor ma..more original. :D

When you eat at a Korean restaurant you will expect Korean music right? Well for the first 15 minutes they played Korean music but after that the employee there decided to played some of their own favorite songs. WTF. Boss not there so they can play whatever the f**k they want ma...

Korean utensils. Love their spoon but hate their chopsticks.

Side dishes clockwise : Kimchi, some kind of pickled radish, black beans, spinach? , some yucky seaweeds, and beansprouts.


Super duper yummy!! There's beef, egg, carrots, mushrooms and basically vegetables inside. They were all mixed with a red pepper paste sauce but its not really spicy. ( RM17 )

Drooling yet? :D

Kimchi Ji Gae. Spicy! Me likey! We ordered the small bowl so its RM 17

Korean Pancake. I love this. Simple but delicious!! RM 17 too.

The thing is I don't even like Korean food last time, I even told my friend last time that 'Korean food is not a human being food!' (right Grace who remind me of it over and over again? :D) but I fell in love with Korean food after eating Bibimbap and its one of my favorite food in the world!! So, I will definitely go back there again someday. :D
Korean food jjang!!( awesome)


  1. it is halal restaurant? it looks delicious...ehhheh

  2. alamak..i donr like korean food too

  3. I would like to try Korean Pancake.

  4. **foot print**
    Nice food..!!!
    I am so hungry..!

  5. Wow~ I never try korean food b4, not dare to try :P

    Mayb I should try it^^

  6. thinking of eating out tonight but not sure where to go...

    No Thanks, Mangga Online!

  7. Actually the price is quite reasonable... quite similar to KL korean outlet prices. Bibimbap is yummmmm!

  8. I prefer Japanese to Korean food :D

  9. i live inkch but dunno about this..thanx 4 the info :)

  10. is this a halal restaurant?

  11. hahaha there is sitting on the floor in that restaurant. but its in a private room ^__^

  12. omg i've just been to that restaurant and its the best restaurant ever! hahaha!


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