Friday, June 4, 2010

Chili's @ KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

I find it easier to write food post because..uh.. I like food?? LOL! Okok..enough with the lame joke. (sorry :D)

Went to Chili's at KLCC when I'm was in KL last month with a few of my friends who was coincidentally at KL as well. :)

The view from where we were seated. Great view+ good food =GREAT dining experience.

I don't know why but this signboard cracks me up. I don't think its appropriate to use in Malaysia as some Malaysian parents do punish their kid by stuffing chillies in their mouth if they scold bad word

Here's an example/scenario I can think of :-

Boy : You are so uncool!! KNNCCB! Motherf****r!!
Mom: What did you say?!! *stuff chillies in his mouth*
Boy: *coughing* Whrat thge F**K??!
Mom : Still scold?!! Eat More Chili! *stuff more in his mouth*
Boy :..........(finally shut up as he can't talk anymore due to the spiciness) *tears and snots everywhere*

That's what I'll la...Just Kidding!! :D I'm not that evil or am I?? ;)

Back to the food!

Old Timer with Cheese and Chili(as in beef chili, not chilli sauce.:D) You know its good just by looking at it. :P

Old Timer with Cheese only. Its pretty tasty...obviously its more delicious if compared to Mcdonald's burgers. The meat is a little bit dry and the fries is delicious!!

This is grilled chicken....uh I forgot what's the name of this dish but its a healthy dish. Maybe thats the reason why I don't remember. My sister say its good so I guess its good. :D

There is a lot of beverage to choose from the menu but we all ordered 100 Plus because we can refill it over and over again. Soft drinks is like RM6.50 if I'm not mistaken. Quite expensive but refill it for like 6 times and it will be worth it. :D

After we had our lunch, we went to Pavillion. And walk around in the shopping mall until night. Take some pictures at the fountain because we have nothing to do. lol

That's it for today. Ciao! :D


  1. TGIF...nearly forgotten KLCC have TGIF :D

  2. vomit liao maa? hahahahh thanks for visiting today

  3. I love Chilis too. But I love the burger in Carls Juniors more. LOL

  4. chilli servings always too big for me :-P

  5. I have been there too.. always need to queue up in the waiting list and wait for an hour to get a seat.. The foods there not bad.. and the best thing is our drink is refillable.

  6. wow the food looks great... :) yummy fries and mash potato! *drools*

  7. the burger looks delicious ler...miss klcc food a lot...

  8. Sigh so long never go to KLCC. Anyway the food looks scrumptious!


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