Friday, June 11, 2010

IKEA Food Court @ Kuala Lumpur

I'm sure everyone knows what IKEA is right? IKEA is a huge furniture shop which is located at KL. Its located near The Curve and Ikano Power Centre. These 3 stores are connected to each other so its very convenient.

Inside IKEA there is a food court which is quite famous for its meatballs. Its called Swedish meatballs if I'm not mistaken.After all, IKEA is a Swedish furniture store. I think. :D After browsing through the furnitures and appliances, remember to stop by at the food court to taste some of their dish.

Food Court

Ready for the food?? Here you go!

Their famous Swedish meatballs

It comes with french fries, brown sauce and cranberry sauce. The meatball is just okay I guess but when eaten with the cranberry sauce..Y.U.M.M.Y! Love the french fries too!

Want some?? :D

Daim Cake. Daim is a kind of chocolate candy. Quite tasty I must say.

Chicken wings. Nothing to shout about.

The soft drink cost about RM 1.50 while the hot drinks is RM2.00 if I'm not mistaken. Its refillable too. So feel free to sit as long as you want at there. :D

That's it for today! :D


  1. I almost forget about the meatballs...long time since my last visit to Ikea...

  2. Lotsa people love their meat balls. :)

  3. Meat balls...the last time i ate them is 10 months ago...but dun really find it delicious...maybe ikea sg's meatballs is different? But i bought some the packet meatballs to cook at home nonetheless~

  4. i love the food there pun!!! and i love the curry puff from ikea oso...

  5. **foot print**
    I love Ikea meatballs as well..!

  6. AArgh, make me feel hungry =)


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