Monday, June 7, 2010

Guitar Friendly

After watching somebody playing a guitar in a video, do you ever wish that you can play guitar as well? So, here's a couple of steps to see if you're guitar friendly or not.
STEP 1 : Play a real accoustic guitar. (Electric guitar too expensive) :)

(and yes..that's my dog's butt. :D)
Just borrow it from someone if you don't have it. Begin by playing some simple songs. Learn a few basic chords. If you can't do it (like me), don't worry! There is always a second chance in everything. Look at the bright side.

STEP 2 : Buy a PS2 Guitar Controller
Even if you can't rock out using the real guitar, you can try to rock out using this guitar if you have PS2 or XBOX or etc etc. Its fun and it doesn't hurt your finger, you can play some amazing rock songs and it is so simple that you can learn it in 10 minutes. Besides, this guitar look way cooler than the acoustic guitar. If you can't play this guitar, there is always the third steps. :)

STEP 3 :

Just Quit
!!! and try other instrument like piano, flute, recorder, cello, harp, drums, violin, clarinet, bagpipe, airhorn, etc etc...


  1. errr...i just skip step 1 and 2 la...kakaka

  2. "Never Take Life Seriously"

    LOL this post proves EVERYTHING!

  3. me.. definitely not guitar friendly.. or piano.. or flute.. or any musical instrument for that matters :P

  4. hahahha, i prefer step 1, lol! so funny, i enjoy reading this post, cool!

  5. That's real cool, I think I will go for the PS2 guitar. How much er? Thanks for sharing, do keep in touch :)

  6. I rather play with ur dog haha XD.
    Step 4 - dun touch anything~

  7. lol the last step is not encouraging at all! there's always air guitar :P

  8. Step 2 sounds like a better bet!! At least for me, hehehe!!

  9. But that's a classical guitar, haha.

  10. WHAT LA..

    Got me all excited, though I can learn some basic guitar stuff from your post.. mana tau u main me. hehe.. =)

  11. I had no idea about on the topics which is very informative to me as well. Keep it up. I must follow the content for me as well. Keep it up.


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