Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I DROWNED My Phone!!!

Eventhough I had a great time at the Santubong Beach Resort trip...I had a misfortune as well. Gotta balance it out I guess. Well, as you can see from the title..I 'drowned' my mobile phone like literally. Went to play in the water and 15 minutes later realized that my mobile phone is still in my pocket. I know..what an idiot right? T.T

Can't really describe what I feel when I saw my phone went blank. Its a mixture of happy and sad but, MOSTLY sad. :D Happy because I can get a new phone and sad because I'm not ready to part with it yet.

So, here's a tribute to the first phone I've ever had..

My beloved Sony Ericcson W700i that I bought when I was in Form 4... You served me for over 4 years,taking pictures..played my favorite songs...eventhough I dropped you (accidentally) for over 563 times, you still hold on and never complain...I will remember you always. (But seriously who can ever forget the first phone they had?) :D

You can still see the sand trapped in the screen...what a terrible way to go. Oh well, lets just say it is a souvenir from Santubong Beach.

After mourning and using a useless Nokia 3310 (damn tulan use liow that phone) for almost 2 weeks, I've decided to buy a Nokia 5530 XpressMusic after some serious research and thinking. Mobile phone ain't cheap nowaday. Prefer Sony Ericsson phone but its more expensive than Nokia phone. Prefer Iphone but got no budget for it. So, Nokia phone it is.

So,here it is....the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic.

Kinda surprised that it only cost about RM630. Pretty cheap for a touchscreen phone. Cheaper than my Sony Ericsson w700i which I bought for RM700++ last time.(WTH!)

"Black is cool"

So far so good. Pretty good function, easy to use, nice to look at and nice audio.Just gotta locked it all the time so that I won't accidentally called someone which I did for like 3 times already. Just gotta get used to it . A pretty good phone in my opinion. Let's see how long this baby can last. ;P


  1. ei.. phones are getting cheaper these days leh. Last time if you pay RM1000 u get blardy crappy fon. THese days, RM1K gets you GOOD fon leh :D

    Btw, my Samseng (samsung) fon just died too.. :(

  2. RIP old phone and grats on the new phone

  3. hahahaha.. it's time to change, right? xD say bubye to the old one~

  4. well...chinese saying "old dont go, new dont come" kekeke

  5. RIP to ur old phone...kekeke.....if old one dun one wont come rite...but u kejam lah....drowned n ur baby

  6. cool... I'm gonna change now! :P

  7. My first phone, Nokia 3310, died(drowned) in the washing machine.
    My second phone, Sony Ericson K320i, survived too many falls; finally being declared dead for good!
    My new toy, Curve BlackBerry, priced at RM799 Digi promotion, still alive after 3 months.
    (Hope it) Long life, long life, long long life!

  8. i just bought my Sony Ericson Xperia X10 !!
    loving it <3

  9. whoa.. a new phone! I'm so jealous!

  10. Oh my....
    I've been using 5530 for about 9 months.
    At 1st, it's a cool phone. Good screen resolution, audio ain't bad, etc. Not until recently, it's lagging due to the 4GB mini SD, the some 'buttons' on the screen is not responding.

    Gotta send it to Nokia Centre. *sigh*


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