Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sexy Dog!!

Been looking at pictures in my computer folder and found some funny pictures of my FAT dog , Juney aka Ah Pui that I have taken last time. Can't believe she is such a photogenic dog and she really really like to pose when I'm taking pictures of her.! :D

Here is some of my favourite pictures of her.

Cheap version of 'The Dog'

Double chin..but sexay!!

Sideway face. Don't play play.

My second favorite picture of her. :)

*Not my Bra :D

And this is my favorite picture of her!!


p.s No dogs were harmed in the making of this post. :D


  1. *Pengsan* after ooking at Juney wearing bra. eh one is not enough...should be 3 right?

  2. no dogs but BRAs were harm! lol.. :P

  3. *pengsan dan mati*

    Coz ur dog terlalu sexy!

  4. LOL looks like your dog is chubby.

  5. amboiii .ur dog wearing bra lah.i loikie...naughty u ahhh.

  6. gosh.. a dog which wears bra on head... can make history.. lol...

  7. LOLOLOLOLOL! I heard my cats laughing non-stop behind me and some of them even wet the floor because of loosing control of their bladder looking at these photos.


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