Monday, June 27, 2011

21st Birthday Celebration @ Big Oven

On 25th of June, which was 2 days ago, I've officially turned 21. Yes I can vote now. YES! So after we went to gym for an hour (to prepare for the massive nom-ing at night), me and my sis went to Tom's for a slice of cake. Managed to persuade my sis to 'cia' me. MUAHAHAHA! No wait...did she cia me? Sheesh I'm getting old. Anyway I ordered a piece of Cocoa Napoleon, and it's so frikkin scrumptious! Seriously worth every frikkin cent. A slice of this cake cost RM 12.95. :)

Cocoa Napoleon : Eat ME! (Every bite taste like Ferrero Rocher)

The night before my birthday, went out with my old primary school friend, Kay Suan and his little sis for a dinner at Delizze and had a pretty 'eventful' night. Let's just say it's embarassing but its still funny! Right Kay Suan?? XD

Back to Big Oven, pretty nice place. There is a big brick oven in there. They live up to their names. :P Love the tiles, very Italian like. By the way it's a non-halal restaurant and it's located just opposite of Tarot Cafe thats located at Jalan Kereta Api.

*sorry for the blur pictures, I sucks in taking pics. :)

Alcohol. I wish. It's a mocktail, Blue Travillion RM7.80

Rapsberry and lemonade. Super sour! XS

Apple Juice, turns brown over time. Means its fresh. :)

Seafood Pizza. Awesome. RM 19

Chicken Alfredo Pizza. If I'm not wrong it's RM 14

Chicken Polio Parmigiana. Pretty good.

Pork Bolognaise Spaghetti. I don't know but it taste just okay to me, got super salty with each bites I took. :S

It's a pretty okay restaurant, the thing that annoyed me that night was for some reason the waiters keep on looking at us with a grumpy/weird look. I have no idea why but that totally makes my experience at the restaurant go down like 50%. It's a good service, but please, a little smile won't kill you. A grumpy look + your job as a waiter = Pissed Off Customer. *or maybe it's because I said the spaghetti is too salty. Yikes :S

Back to the celebration! Forget bout the grumpy waiters.(yes more than one grumpy waiter) :)

Cake that can fly. No really. Serious. Who am I kidding?

That's the cake that my friends got me. Look like some kind of flying saucer! lol! I swear I thought it can fly. Awesome cake! A special thanks to my soul sista~ Grace and Adrian (Blackie).

I know I look scary but I don't care!

Prepare to blow the candles. *Sounds wrong. :P

A slice of the awesome cake. Its scrumptious! And a cherry on top for me. :)

M-I-C-K-E-Y. Does he even have a license to fly that plane? Hmm..

My friend that recently went to Hong Kong got me this toy from Disneyland. It's for age 3 and above, and I am aged 3 and above! Nobody is ever too old for toys. :D Thanks Kimchai!

Thanks Blackie for this! :D

2007 Birthday celebration

And now... :) Do we look different??

Too bad it's blur. F my camera settings.

Friends Forever!! *tears

Just a simple dinner with friends makes the birthday even more memorable and I'll cherished this moment forever. It's all about the friendships. *cue Jessie J's Price Tag!* (as I walk away coolly)..... LAME.

Hope my wishes comes true. :) Imma go act like a 21 year and 2 days old adult now.


  1. cool birthday bash you've got there :D

  2. Wrong timing I come and visit this post..hahaha hungreyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Glad you had fun yourself :)

  3. great time to enjoy with friends during the birthday.. the coca napolean looks tempting.. :)

  4. did u eat all that in one night?? lol. it all looks so tasty! u make me drooling already just by looking at those foods. hahaha anyway.. happy birthday there :D

  5. Hey, happy belated birthday! i assumed you had a sweet and fantastic birthday dinner...21 is a great age to be...haha

  6. I prefer the desserts than the main course, pizza has never been my food neither is pasta, had plenty at Italy and tired of it.

  7. @Small Kuching : Yeah..quite cool. LOL

    @Amiey Alen : Hahaha!! Go eat go eat!

    @ken : Yeah it is a great time. :)

    @ztie : Thanks! No la, I didn't eat all those food, some were my friend's. lol

    @Jeff Chuah : Thanks!!

    @Nava.K : Yeah, desserts always win over main course, sweet tooth! :)

  8. Cool birthday bash. Nice photos too.


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