Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm Officially 21 Years Old Now!

I'm categorized as an adult now. Yikes. Suddenly feels like there's so much more responsibility in my life. Yikes. Feel so old. Yikes. By the time I posted up this post I'm 21 years and a day old already. Time pass by so fast. Yikes. Time to face the real world. Yikes But I'm 21 years old!! Yay!

I can do perverted face cos I'm 21 now! (I'm LAME)

Yeah.. kids, enjoy your teenage life *teenage dream~~* while you can. Enjoy every minute of it! I started missing my teen years already. lol! Oh well, everybody gotta go through this, look at the bright side, I can do more things than what a teenagers can't do legally. ;p *wink wink* Feels lazy. Imma update soon. See ya!! :)


  1. 21? This is the starting age where you can definitely do anything you want. Anyway, shall I say, Happy Birthday!! May God bless you :)

  2. Happy 21st birthday! Cheerios! ^^

  3. I'm officially 20 today! LOL Happy belated Birthday to you!

  4. Happy Birthday, welcome to the beginning of old age..did anyone give you THE KEY? ^.^

  5. @Amiey Alen : Thanks Amiey!

    @Vir Anthony Suazo Talaugon : Thank you too!! :)

    @Noni Safuani : Thanks Noni! :D

    @Magdalene Blue Rose : Thanks! We are getting older!

    @Leaf : Haha! Thanks!!

    @Sharon : Thanks, What Key? *wink wink* LOL!!

  6. happy belated birthday.. enjoy! :)

  7. happy 21st! now u r eligible to be a voter. LOL. have fun!

  8. @FeNfEn : Thank you!

    @ken : Thanks Ken!

    @shii teck : Yeah, its really awesome that I can vote now! haha:D

    @Small Kuching : Thanks!!

    @dblchin : Thanks alot! :D


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