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Brunei Trip 2011 : Excapade & Kampung Ayer Boat Ride

Basically Day 2 at Miri, we had planned to go to Brunei for a day trip so Brunei we go! Miri is very near to Brunei, its about 1 and a half hour drive from Kuala Belait. Kuala Belait is a town located near the Brunei-Miri border. From Miri, we drove to Kuala Belait for a meet-up with my sister's friends at a japanese restaurant called Excapade there. All japanese food lover, THIS place is YOUR HEAVEN. Unfortunately I'm not a japanese food or more specifically, sushi lover. :( Pictures of sushi goodness below!

By the way, very confusing roads there, took us like 20 minutes to find this place, so next time just ask somebody there for the direction to this restaurant, save a lot of time. :)

Excapade Sushi

Inside the restaurant

Uhh, the other side
Looks deserted I know but I took this pictures after the meal, before that it was packed. Really.

Green Tea
*Sorry but I don't know most of the sushi name, I just EAT. My rule is EAT first, look for the names later. *Inner stomach peace....*

Unknown Sushi #1

I believe this is called California Maki? See. I know. :)

Unknown Sushi #2..Something with salmon roe....-.-

Unknown Sushi # 3

Unknown Sushi #4

The baby octopus thingy. See? I know again. :)

Salmon Sashimi. I know. ;)

Unknown Sushi #5...haiz

Unknown Sushi #6......

Set Meal with the fried prawn and veggies thingy with salads and sushi. I know because I ate this. :)

Set Meal with the fried dumplings and...lazy wanna explain, figure it out yourself. (lol, I'm a 'good' blogger)

The TWO best things out of all the things we ordered in my opinions are!!!!!! *drum roll*

The Super Awesome Mouth Watering Fried Crispy Salmon Skin!!

And the smooth Macha Ice Cream with Red Bean Paste!!! Total YUMS!

We ordered alot more than what's shown above of course, but I stopped taking pictures after my food came. Cause I figured, 'Why take pictures of the sushi when I know I would not even remember the name after I exit this restaurant?' So yeah, that's why. :)

By the way the food portions here is HUGE. So don't order too much like what we did, totally can't finish it. The food portion there is atleast 2X if not 3X bigger than Sushi King. Excapade totally kick Sushi King's backside. (King my a**) Eventhough I don't like japanese food, I strongly recommend this restaurant for those who simply adores japanese food.

Group pic after the gorging session

After that,we say our goodbyes and head to Bandar Seri Begawan, the main city of Brunei. It's an approximately 1 and a half hour drive. Pretty excited as we sing, talk and laugh all the way there. Reach there and found out that the city was having some sort of royal thingy going on as there's a lot of police officers around the city and it's really REALLY difficult to find a parking place on the day we went there! Took us about 30-45 minutes just to find a parking spot. Oh yeah, everybody there is an expert in reverse parking as you can only reverse parking there I believe, well in the shopping malls parking space anyway.

Dairy Queen! Can't find it in Kuching so I must try! KL got or not?

The Menu

The Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream

The ice cream was good but it was too soft when the guy gave me the ice cream so it melts like everywhere. Probably cause I rushed him to gave me the ice cream. Probably. Lesson learned. Be patient.

Me and my sis with the mosque as the background

A very 'good!' picture some stranger took. 'THANKS ALOT 'MAN!

The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque. Super-awesomely beautiful. The pic I took can do it no justice.

From the other end of the mosque. The building on the right is the shopping mall. Or is it the left? Hmm..

I hardly saw any Malaysia made car there. How awesome is that? Everywhere you see, Mercedes, if not BMW, if not some other expensive cars that we can hardly see in Malaysia. I guess I'm just being 'sua pa lao'.

Boats ride. $2 per person. Its worth it, Try! They bring you around Kampung Ayer ( Water Village). Pretty awesome ride I must say.

The super friendly and awesome Pak Cik. Really glad we chose his boat. Next time you guys go Brunei, choose his boat. :)

First he will bring you for a fast boat rides...

Take pictures I must!! The girl who's acting cute is my sister's fren, Li Yan. :)

Fast! Fast! ( I have nothing better to say.)

then a slow rides for some sightseeing ....... :) .......

Some kind of building there.

If you are ever in Brunei, be sure to take the boat ride. Very fun and totally worth every single cent. It was like a 15- 20 minutes boat rides.

Unfortunately after that, we have to go back to Miri again. We were at Brunei for about 1 and a half hour only so basically and we have to go back before the immigration place closed which is at 10pm. A day trip is not enough to explore this city so if you guys are planning to go to Brunei, make sure stay a night there. Or go super early in the morning. lol. Kinda regret that we didn't stay a night there, I bet there's alot more stuff there to be seen but oh well, there's always next time. :)

But on the other hand, I wore the right T-Shirt that day, 'So Much To Do, So Little Time' was the wording on my shirt. :D............. I'm being lame again.

Then we went to Kent's Garden to eat. Kent's garden is kinda like a better version of Kuching's Hijau, BDC.

Show you a plate of the delicious spicy Penang Char Kueh Tiaw from Kent's garden to end this post!! :D


  1. the view and food looks terrific la...makes me drool only

  2. The food looks awesome! I like you naming them Unknown Sushi. LOL! Thanks for the tour of Brunei too.

  3. Been at the Japanese Restaurant and most of the places. The best was the 6 star hotel of the Sultan of Brunei, beautiful man made lagoon.

  4. the mosque and the reflection.perfect! nice shot you got there

  5. So hungry for sushi now...but why are all the sushi unknown? XD

  6. Cool! its been a long time since I last visited Brunei. But I have a chance to visit this October though. :D

  7. The Salmon Sashimi... and fried salmon skins.... YUMS!!! My favourite! =P

  8. @SmallKuching : DROOL!!!! :) It's okay to drool.haha

    @HappySurfer : Thanks. Your welcome! :)

    @Nava.K : Didn't have enough time to go to the 6 star hotel.....NVM! Next trip I must go! :)

    @of travels : Thanks! lol :D

    @Kelvin : Go get sushi now! Cause I seriously can't reme,ber the sushi's name, I just eat. LOL

    @Rungitorn : Yeah, its an interesting place. Go go go!

    @Soh Hong Wei : Didn't try the salmon sashimi, not into raw stuff, but the fried salmon kins, yeah YUMS!! :D

  9. Brunei is beautiful. I love the baby octopus.

  10. The Japanese food looked good! So much food! Love the salmon skin too.. too bad it's hard to find them in Malaysia :)

  11. omg, sushi delight!!!love them~~~
    nvr tot that Brunei is that beautiful~muz find chance to visit ︿︿

  12. What a trip! Lucky you Lindy! I went to Brunei with my family so it wasn't as exciting because my father's way of travelling is a bit weird and antiquated. Lol. Anyway, I also took the boat ride and it was really awesome! I agree with you about the tasty salmon skin (at the Japanese restaurant) and also the branded cars in Brunei. Heheh.. Nice post, thanks for sharing.. And yes Brunei is awesome, except for the wee bit more expensive currency. Otherwise, it's a great place to visit!

  13. @Tristhan : Yeah it is a beautiful place. :)

    @iamthewithch : Haha! Eat until headache that day, Malaysia difficult to find a good jap restaurant. lol

    @Xjion89 : Yeah, go go Brunei!!

    @Helmi : LOL! Thanks Helmi, the boat ride was indeed awesome eventhough it's just an simple ride. Yeah the currency is the problem here, but when you go there, everything looks cheaper if you convert it back to RM. :) LOL


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