Friday, June 24, 2011

Miri Trip 2011 Day 1 : Bintang Megamall & Ming Cafe

So, something new. I tag along with my sis and her friend, Vivian to Miri last month which is on the 27th of May for a trip since I had nothing better to do. Might as well check out Miri because I remembered the last time I had visited Miri was when I was still a snot-nosed kid. I gotta say, I'm not really that excited to go to Miri because some of my friends who's from Miri told me that there is nothing to do there. Yikes. But oh well, never try never know right? After all Miri is the second largest city in Sarawak, there must be something there that's worth seeing!

Took a flight to Miri which is an 1 hour flight. Nothing much, Air Asia. Self explanatory. :)

Miri Airport, duh. :D

The airport looks a lot like Kuching airport but I gotta be honest Kuching airport is better by a teeny tiny bit. I'm a Kuchingnite, so of course I have to praise my hometown a lil bit ma. :) Typical things in the airport, Starbucks, souvenir shop, cafes, etc.

From the airport, my sister's friend Shelly, picked us up and drove us to Miri's best shopping mall, Bintang Megamall. It's quite an okay mall, nothing much to see really, but there's part of the mall that's under renovation now. So maybe in a couple of years I'll go back to see what has become of it. :P But one thing in the mall caught my eyes, which is the popsicles shop where you can put your name on the popsicles!! Okay I know it's lame, but its a thing that we don't have in Kuching.

So colourful! Me likey.

The cost of the popsicles is different depending on the flavours.

Yummeh.. (not really, I just don't know what to write) :)

MY Popsicles, yeah MINE! Suck on that! HAHA

O..kay... Lame I know.

My sis with her popsicles.

The popsicles taste okay, nothing to shout about. The only thing that's fun for me was the name on the popsicles . Makes you feel more special, like it's the only popsicles in the world for you I guess. Yes, I exaggerated. :)

The front of the mall

Yep, still the front, different direction.

Look like Police HQ? No it's a hotel. Mega Hotel. I wonder who's the guy who did the paint job.

After that, we went to Ming Cafe to eat and hangout. Apparently it is a popular spot for the locals to hangout and eat. Its kinda like half cafe and half bar. And that's it, nothing much to say. XD

Sis with her friends, Vivian and Shelly. Basically I'm just there as a photographer. :)

Veggie Pratha if I'm not mistaken. Not bad.

That concludes Day 1 of the trip at Miri. I'm more active there on Day 2. Day 1, so lazy wanna walk around. So stay tuned for Day 2!


  1. miri is rather different today. comparing few years back.

    still it has its own unique. ^^

  2. Lovely and wonderful looking ice-creams.

  3. The ice-creams, interesting!! =)

  4. Actually, most Sarawak airports looks about the same...most of the them are done by Global Uplink anyway.

    I was in Miri for a month earlier this year. :)

    Did you try the nasi lalapan over there? It's really good. Go for the catfish one.

  5. @Richard : Yeah , Miri has its own unique-ness. Its a beautiful place. :)

    @Navak: Haha! Good lookin only, taste wise, normal.

    @Soh Hong Wei : Yeah!! :D

    @Huai Bin : Nasi lalapan? Sadly no le. :( But Kuching gt great nasi lalapan! HAHA


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