Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sibu Trip 2011 : Bus Ride Experience & Wet Kompia

Sibu trip, what can I say. It's all good. We took a bus from Miri to Sibu just for the heck of it. Try to get some bus experience. LOL, Pshh, why take aeroplane when you can take the good old bus, cheaper somemore. It's like RM 45 for the bus ride. Dirt cheap!! Awesome bus ride you know???

............. :)

........................................ :S

Okay Okay!! I lied alright, always choose airplane over bus. Eventhough it's more expensive, airplane is definitely more worth it, saves time and won't get bored also. It was an 8 hour trip from Miri- Sibu. Approximately 7 hour and 15 minutes of sitting on your ass. Not fun. BORED. If you can sleep for 7 hours on a bus then it's okay, take bus. :) If not, AIRPLANE FTW.

We took the 8am bus from Miri Bus Terminal and reached Sibu at 4pm.

What to do when bored? Self cam! You can just see the boredom oozing out of our face.

First stop, Batu Niah

The bus stop by at 3 places, the first would be Batu Niah then Bintulu then Selangau. Nothing much to see, just important to stop to pee and eat and get some snack to munch on. Remember!! If you're planning for a bus trip, don't drink so much water, I learnt the lesson the hard way. NOT FUN. Just take a few sips now and then, don't worry, you won't die of dehydration. :) Oh yeah, music also important.

Pretty much your trip will have this kind of views, trees.....

...more tress.......


and some more trees for your viewing pleasure.

So, after 8 hours of torture awesome bus ride, with numb ass, we got down from the bus, greet my aunty and reached The Swan City, Sibu! What went through my mind that time was Kampua.... *drool* Kompia... * drool* :)~

We went to town for a stroll first,

The symbol of Sibu, the elegant swan. Makes me wonder, why Sibu has the Swan as it's symbol? Hmm.. I know why Kuching got cat as it's symbol la, obviously. lol

Around the swan, there is the statue of the animals of the chinese zodiac. Picture time!!

Horse is my chinese zodiac so horse I take picture with. Not just any horse,manly horse statue that has beautiful flowing hair.

My sista, the rabbit. Stupid rabbit, I mean the statue!! :P

I translate, Sibu's Gateway. *proud*

Here's another swan, this one got colour one. LOL

I forgot what's this place called, but that is the Sibu Express Wharf Terminal and that's the Rajang River.

So, then my aunty brought us to eat the famous kompia in Sibu. Was pretty excited to eat kompia since the main reason I went to Sibu was to eat the Kompias. She brought us to a house-shop that sells kompia, apparently it was a very famous place to eat kompia and she would only sell 200 pieces of kompia per day.

Have no idea what's written, I admit I'm a banana. I don't have a banana la. Don't misunderstand. :)

As a good blogger, I go take picture to share share with you all the good food but instead I got scolded by the Ah Ma who's making the kompia. Everyone was like looking at me.Totally lose face. But I can take a few scolding cause I'm an adult!! *self console* I don't mind, she got the ight to scold me *self console again*

That grandpa like wanna kill me like that. Scary shit. I don't wanna get killed just for taking pics of kompia.

The kompia that cause me to lose face in Sibu.

First of all, I wanna say I don't blame and not holding grudges on the granny for scolding me, it's okay, I guess she got sick and tired of people taking pics of her. Okay, now the food, I gotta say I don't like it at all. The kompia was like all mushy and the gravy was like a sweet bak kut teh soup. SO SO different from the kompia that I imagined, I liked the dry ones. I hate mushy food to begin with and bread soaked in soup is not an easy things for me to swallow, but I managed to force it down my throat cause my aunty paid for it. lol. It's just not my taste.

Then we go to Wong Nai Siong Garden.

With Mr. Wong Nai Siong. (Sorry but I've no idea who he is. lol)

The ship thingy near the garden. Pretty awesome.

Group pic with my sis friends

Pictures of the garden. I gotta say, it's simple but it's a very beautiful place, especially when it's sunset. :)

I love this pic. :)

After strolling at the garden, went to get something to eat at Taman Selera Muhibah.

The Entrance

Going to an open air place to eat is sometimes better than eating at a fancy restaurant.

Hands down the best thing we had that night, Mixed Fruit. An ice kacang like dessert with fruits such as watermelon, dragonfruit, honey dew, lychee and jelly and topped with strawberry puree.

Awesomeness!!! Very refreshing.

That concludes the exciting part of the trip to Sibu. lol, that's it for now!! :)



  2. It's always nice to take a bus trip,
    the last time i went to Sibu
    was on my way to Kapit.

  3. the kompia looks nice...i will want to try that when I go to Sibu next time..

    and boss whose food is famous will always scold ppl..we as the customers are used to that =p

  4. @ thomas : i don't like bus. :P

    @nettoboy : Haha! Yeah true, now that you mention it. LOL

    @ jfook : Me too! The dry version la. lol

  5. Hahahahahaha!!! You got scolded by Miss Congeniality! I also had a post of the kompia recently. That old woman is the worst! I also got scolded for asking a question. Heard somebody took photos and published feature on her place in newspaper...and the income tax people went to nab her. Had to sell a few houses to pay the fine. So, never take photos when there...unless you curi-curi take. I'm not a fan of her kompia though she's been around since the 60s. Would rather go elsewhere...

  6. wow nice trip :P

    Iguana . . . I will update a Iguana pic on my blog soon :)

  7. wow!! nice trip to Sibu!! I love the kompia leh!!! I try in Kuching before!! Taste so good!! How about this in Sibu??


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