Friday, July 15, 2011

Chubby Baba @ Tabuan Jaya,Kuching

Closed down. No idea why. Replaced with a new eating place called Bites. -

Been 'busy' watching drama these few days. That's why no I didn't update the blog..... Damn those addictive Singaporean drama! The drama that I'm talking about was a Singaporean drama called The Little Nyonya. Awesome drama!! If you haven't watch it, go watch it now!

The Little Nyonya. Go go, buy the disc and watch!!

So, basically this drama is about the life of nyonya...bla bla bla. Lazy wanna explain. But this drama is filled with scenes of the people eating Peranakan cuisine. Making me wanna fly right to Melaka and go get some of those, Babi Ponteh, Ayam Buah Keluak and the variaties of 'kueh' that they keep mentioning in this drama. Wait long long I'm going to Melaka anytime soon. But....

Turns out that there is a Nyonya restaurant in Kuching!! Awesomeness!

Chubby Baba is the name of the restaurant

The Entrance


I absolutely loves the interior of this restaurant. Brightly coloured walls and the beautiful posters and the lanterns totally makes this place cosy. Love the posters too, classic.

Still inside. Check out the cashier table, it's a safety box. Cool huh?

Let's check out the food!

Drinks, right is 2 masam (2 sour mix) RM2.20 and left is Cold Lek Tao (Green Bean) RM2.20

These drinks are Chubby Baba's special drinks. Sour mix is basically a mixture of lemon juice and lime juice. Very refreshing and not sour at all, don't worry. :) While the Cold Lek Tao is basically green bean soup with ice. It's nice, taste like uh... chilled green bean soup. I'm not being helpful. lol


I just love the way they serve rice in this kind of plate, very homey feeling. It's better than those typical orange, blue, green or red coloured plate. Boring *yawn*

Sambal. Awesome, nuff' said. :) You can just eat the rice with sambal, it's that good.

Angle beans stir fried with belacan and eggs. YUMMEH!!!

You can choose a varieties of veggies such as long beans, french beans, brinjal, spinach and many more. They are all prepared either stir fried with belacan or with garlic.

Babi Pongteh. ( Braised Pork with Bean Paste) RM12

Delicious!! Taste like succulent and fatty awesomeness!

Nyonya Deep Fried Cincalok Chicken. RM 7

Cincalok is fermented small shrimp. Kinda like belacan. But it's pink in colour, not brown or black like belacan. :) The chicken was marinated to perfection with cincalok and deep fried to crispy and heavenly awesomeness. Bottomline, if it's deep fried, me likey.

Nyonya Ngo Hiang. RM 7

Ngo Hiang is five spiced meat roll. Crispy on the outside with meaty filling. Yummy!

Sago with Gula Apong and Coconut Cream. RM 4

Last but not least, the dessert. It's good, creamy goodness. But I would have like it better if it was chilled.

So, if you live in Kuching and you're craving Peranakan cuisine, head on over to Chubby Baba!! Guarantee you would be satisfied and the price is reasonable too!

Address : Samajaya, Jalan Setia Raja, Tabuan Jaya, 93350 Kuching.

For more info, go to their facebook page,
Chubby Baba.


  1. Nyonya food is my fav as I cook similar once at home except for pork. The sambal is oozing with spicy taste.

  2. Nicely decorated place but becareful this baba is chubby,it sure looks tasty.

  3. omg that sago. if that shop halal oredy I drive there this instant. must be delicious right!

  4. My cousin went yesterday and tagged me on Facebook - she said the otak otak there is good as the one we have at Payung, Sibu...or even better! Btw,thanks for dropping by my blog. I've linked you in my blogroll - do come again.

  5. I love this Little Nyonya series. I think me and my mum reach to the point of desperation from missing episodes on Astro, we watched it on youtube lol. That's one great tv series.

  6. ummm... thats a really sad drama T___T

  7. located in Kuching? hehe thanks for sharing, looks cool with the name . . . chubby baba XD

  8. thanks for the comment & for dropping by, Lindy! :)

  9. wa..another new makan place!! I should try it when I back Kuching. somehow, I miss Kuching food.

  10. i like nyonya food.. the last time i had them was in malacca.. haha.. nice feast!

    the drama series was okay, watched a few here and there.. but not a follower :)

  11. Like Nyonya food as well. The classic design of the restaurant really impress me.


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