Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flinders Station @ Kuching

So, I went to Flinders Station for lunch today. This would be the second time, the first time was for dinner. So let's talk about the dinner first. It was packed the day I went for dinner as it was only the second day it had opened that time. As a proud 'Kia-Su' people, when a new restaurant opened and it has an attractive name, the normal reaction for me and the rest of bored Kuchingnite was to go and check it out.

Flinders Station was the name

...and they served Real Aussie Food. *cough* What's the real aussie food anyway? Hmm.....

Inside (Second floor)

The interior of the restaurant are nice. Nice atmosphere, nice wall, nice lighting, nice seats. All and all, the restaurant was nicely decorated. Love the wall colour very much! :)

Now to the food

Mushroom Soup. Nothing special. Canned Soup.

Just a normal garlic bread. lol

Buffalo with No Wings.

Just a normal fried chicken. I would prefer buffalo with 'wings' aka Buffalo Wings as that would have atleast taste a little different from the normal fried chicken. If I'm not mistaken this is the specialty of the house?, but anyway I was expecting something special because of the name but sadly, it was just a normal fried chicken wings, so......yeah.

Forgot the name. lol

Taste like Buffalo with No Wings, just different part of the chicken. But got black pepper sauce so tastier.

On that night, the service was slow and the food was not that great either. But it's understandable as it was a newly opened restaurant and they are probably understaffed that time which would explain the slow service.

So I decided to go again for the second time and was hoping that the food would be better and the service would be better. I went there for lunch because I wanna try the pies which they only serve for lunch.

When you see a sign like that, automatically you would think that this restaurant is famous for its pie.

So, pie I ordered....

Chicken Pie.

....and boy was I disappointed. The pie was nice looking and all but when I cut it in half and taste a spoonful of the pie (the chicken part), it was ICE COLD. Have you ever eaten a spoonful of chicken meat, with juice and all and it's cold. Frikkin disgusting.

"Come here YOU.....It's COLD!!!!!" Felt like doing this that time but I might get beat up, so NO. I gotta stop watching Kitchen Nightmare. :S

The almost thawed pie.

The question that went through my mind at that time was 'WTF was the chef doing??', if a chef can't even heat a chicken pie using a microwave oven properly, imagine what he will do to the food that actually needs cooking. I was like never mind, honest mistake. I called the server, told them the pie was ice cold and they took it away. That time, I had cut the pie to 4 pieces, (sharing with my sis) and there was 2 pieces left on the original plate and 1 pieces each on our plate.

Pie that has been heat up.

I thought that they would atleast had the courtesy to heat up a NEW chicken pie and give it to us. But, NO, they heat up the 2 pieces on the original plate and gave it back to us. Great, I'm starving and I've got 2 piece of HEAT UP-PED chicken pie for me and my sis to share. And you expect me to eat 1 piece cold and 1 piece hot chicken pie? What is this, ying and yang flavour is it? Best of both world?....?!?!!!....

*chill Lindy....inhale.....exhale....*

I just hope they would improve the food as well as the services.

Spot the birds dating. it's them against the world. or maybe against the weather. :)


Too oily but otherwise it taste good. Just don't know why they have to serve it like airplane food like that. If the food was made earlier and heat up upon ordering, don't make it too obvious atleast.

I'm just being honest, sorry if I've offended the Flinders Station fans. Peace? :D



  1. The pie looks a bit sickening..will think twice or even thrice to go there..but, the lasagna looks yummy..hungry now lah ^^

  2. I'm here, seem like a mistake that restaurant had made. But, you have just kind enough to forgive them, great~ I like. Gonna link you though, keep in touch.

  3. hee~ love to try those restaurants sometimes... :D

  4. Sounds like a disappointment, anyway its all about the experience, we never try we never know.
    I think they really need Chef Ramsey.

  5. teruk ah? Looks like they have to improve or else business wont sustain long

  6. Haha! The garlic bread look so yummy in pictures.But it's only "picture".Opps.

  7. ah, Kuching. too bad for me haha

  8. So I believe bloggers are actually honest about their food experience..

    GIMME 5 L!


  9. the lasagna looks tasty but as u said, it also looks kinda oily. where is this flinders? been studying outside of kuching make me lost track of new places coming up

  10. wow~ as a kuchingsian n a food lover~ im scared dy to try this out! LOL~

  11. i see you're a fan of Kitchen Nightmare too XD

  12. the lasagna look like oily bcoz of cheese...

  13. memang haapprak pun ..... so dont go there ok.....

  14. Totally agree with your post here, had the same nightmare during my visit there as well.

  15. OMG...I thought wanna bring my mama for her 55th birthday celebration at I changed my mind...I bring her to the junk near st Mary primary school...thanks for sharing yr story.....

  16. visited the place yesterday and the food was actually good. Had fish n chip, its baramundi fish. other place tat i wen only serve dory fish. Lamb shanks taste great. Vanilla milkshakes, yummy!

  17. Guys / girls who are pie hunter, try out the jj chicken bite kiosk on their pie/quiches and other pastry at selection supermarket tabuan jaya. You will never regret.

  18. yup.. been there too (the matang branch).. went in with sky high expectation and came out with ocean deep dissapointment.

    btw, will drop by at the jj chicken bite... appreciate if anyone else can provide any guide or info about where to go for pies in Kuching?

  19. A great pie in kuching
    RJ Ayam Bakar@ pandungan
    Jj chicken bite@ selection supermarket tabuan jaya
    Mr.Ho Fine Food
    Lodge International School
    Lodge Group
    St.Jopseh Secondary School

  20. Visited jj chicken bite and bought some pies and quiches. They look nice but the fillings are too salty and the quiches smell like rotten egg. If you guys want to have quiches, go to Aloha at Jalan Song. They are excellent.

  21. Hmm... Went to jj chicken bite. Bought some pies and quiches. They look nice. But the chicken meat fillings are too salty. The quiches are not fresh and smell of rotten egg. Nothing different from Flinders Station. If you guys want to taste good pies and quiches, go to Aloha at Jalan Song. Excellent!

  22. I don think that those school sell ' GREAT' pie coz the school canteen always sell 'SUCKS' food and surely students will be bored after seeing or eating those same pie everyday..

  23. I always buy the frozen Beef Pie at Choice supermarket. I never expend Kuching have someone can produce Beef Pie like the frozen imported Beef Pie. But, when i try the JJ Chicken Bite's Beef Pie, I can't believe its a local made product. I like its and I think i no need to buy the frozen imported pie anymore.


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