Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Great Burger @ Hijau, Kuching

Updates : This shop is no longer in operation and instead it has change its name to Pig's Barn which is located at Coffee Talk, Stutong, Kuching. (Non-Halal).

Went to Great Burger the other night to get a uh...burger. The best place to go get a perfect, juicy and handmade burgers in Kuching is definitely at Great Burger.
The burgers there are just awesome and the price is reasonable too. If you're planning to get a roadside burgers, might as well head here and get a real handmade western burger which is a rarity in Kuching..for a reasonable price anyway. :)

Let's check out the food.

Hard to miss the signboard when you're looking for the stall at Hijau

My sis ordered a glass of Pearl Milk Tea that cost RM4. Ridiculous. and its not even good. That's why I always bring my own bottled water there. LOL!! Water is good for health. :)

Sunshine Burger. Great indeed. Homemade patty served with egg, cheese,veggies and homemade sauce.

By the way, there's 3 different kinds of patties you can choose from,which is beef, chicken and if I'm not mistaken, lamb. Oh and fish too. I've always opt for chicken patties because well, I like chicken better than beef and lamb. lol And all the burgers will be served with tapioca chips, which is neat because I think it gives the burger a little bit character, which separates it from other burgers because usually burgers will be served with fries. Very Kuching-ish burgers. :)

Smokehouse Burger. My favourite so far out of all the burgers I've tasted. It just taste awesome. All the ingredients compliments each other well. :)

On 4th of July which was American's Independence Day, the Great Burger team came up with 2 limited edition burgers. I must try! Rain or shine!

The 3 Mini-Me Beef Burger. RM 8.50. Mini beef patties served with grilled onions,veggies and their homemade sauce. Yummy.

After I've taken a bite out of it. lol

The Monster-Me burger. RM8. Super cheesy and the beef patties was huge! 150grams if I'm not mistaken. It's awesome. Personally I think this was more worth it than the other ones. :)

Heavenly cheesy~~~

Perverted face while eating burger!! (i look like shit here) Sorry if I make you guys lost your appetite. Great Burger, please don't sue me if you're losing customer over this. Yikes

The Master of Burgers Addiction (MBA) card

They have these MBA cards, where you have to taste all the burgers and get this card stamped for every different burgers you've tried. You have to complete the challenge in 2 months time from the date of first stamp. If you're successful, you earned yourself a free Smokehouse Burger. :)

I've only got 2 stamps so far. Sheesh.

Remember I said rain or shine? It rained heavily that night while we were eating the burgers and we got drenched that night. Great Burger. 'GREAT' Night.

So, if you're a big fans of American style burgers, head on over to Hijau near BDC, go to Great Burger and get yourself one of this awesome burgers!!

The address : Great Burger c/o Hijau Cafe Lot 6547, Block 16 KCLD, Lorong D Taman Satria Jaya BDC, 93300 Kuching, Malaysia.

Open Mon-Sun 7.15pm - 11pm.

They have a facebook page too. Like them for more info. :) Great Burger


  1. hhmmm those burger looks yummylicious..will drop by here when im in Kuching next time. great info btw. :)

  2. thats plenty types of burgers. Kuching has grown to become a food heaven. The last time I was in Kuching for just one day, went to the medan and enjoyed the bamboo prawns and others. I want the sunshine burger, pls sent over to me.

  3. Haha. Your friend look so cute la ! :D

  4. I'm drooling here. Those burgers look meaty and delicious. I am tired of eating burgers at one particular fast-food restaurant. =) It's really expensive there. Too bad this great burger doesn't have a franchise in KL. =(

  5. Those're really great burgers,
    looks like have to check it out if i am in Kuching.

    My SWF

  6. I love lepakking at Hijau..great ambiance..nice food..and yeah, Great Burger is the unique ones serving tapioca chips as the side dish..have you tried homemade patty burger near KWSP building? Tasty as well :)

  7. @ SmallKucing : Sorry..LOL!

    @LadyBird : It is yummylicious!! :)

    @reanaclaire : It taste good too!

    @Nava.K : LOL, I never try the bamboo thingy. lol!

    @Queenie : My friend?? haha :)

    @Helmi : Haha! Come to Kuching and get it! :)

    @ The Traveller : Me too. :)

    @thomas : yeah, check it out if you're in Kuching!

    @Noni : KWSP? Haven't. Thanks for the info, I'll go there try someday! :D

  8. hye...
    u also can try Astana Grilled Burger located at Jalan Astana Petrajaya....
    here's some info


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