Sunday, July 3, 2011

Miri Trip 2011 Day 3 : Canada Hill & Taman Awam Miri

So, third day at Miri, no plans, just go around Miri and see what's interesting. :D

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We went to Wisma Hopoh for our breakfast..can't believe Miri also have a place called Wisma Hopoh but their Wisma Hopoh is an eating place not a shopping place like the one in Kuching. Back to the food!!

Kueh Chap! Breakfast of champions. Not as tasty as Kuching Kueh Chap though, what to do, I'm a true Kuchingnite. :D

Curry Rice. Okay okay.

Uh...seow mai? I don't know..some kind of dim sum.

Oh wait, this is Seow Mai, then what's the thing previously...Hmm..guess? lol

Pandan Chicken. Marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaves and then fried. Tasty!! The aroma of the pandan leaves are infused in the succulent chicken meat.

Shrimp Dumplings..its fried and there's shrimp inside. Served with mayonnaise as dipping sauce. Don't really like it. Nothing special. :)

Poor Louis Cha. Got sold for a cheap price of RM3.80 only. :( (I just had to put this in here. haha!)

The breakfast was quite expensive from what I'd remembered, especially the dim sums. After that we went to Canada Hill to have a little sightseeing. Canada Hill is a limestone ridge overlooking the town of Miri. Don't ask me why it's called Canada Hill, I have no idea. lol. Maybe it look like one of the hills in Canada, maybe its flown in, specially imported from Canada, maybe..ok I'm just talking crap.

The view from up there

'Jack, I can fly!!'.... Wait, this is no ship, and I don't know anybody named Jack! damn it. So sad.

No, I'm NOT the Grand Old Lady.

The Grand Old Lady which is the Oil Well No. 1 is located on top of Canada Hill. It was here that oil was first struck by Sarawak Shell in 1910. See, I've done my research. *proud* :)

Goofin' around

Got people push the 'batang' thingy with such an relaxed expression wan meh? FAILED! :)

The entrance to the Petroleum Museum. Quite a lot of things to see inside, all oil related. History, technological development, etc.. 'FUN'.

Then we went to Taman Awam Miri. It is an awesome and HUGE family park!! There's children playground, botanical garden, jogging trails and not to mention the cool hanging bridge. I love this place, beats Kuching Friendship Park! Very nice place to take pictures too! The park is located 3km from City Centre.

The Hanging Bridge.

Some pictures of the park. :)

There's even a children's swimming pool in the park. Pretty cool, and its free! Me likey!

I like this shot. Tryin to be artsy-fartsy. :)

Cats in deep thought, being EMO.

My perverted face again! Got 'inspired' by the cat. lol, Don't vomit, I'm not gonna be responsible in cleaning it up! :P

I'm at Miri!! No la, just testing out the camera, always wanted to know how they take clear shots of people jumping, now I know. :)

Love this pic, now its my profile pic everywhere. With my kind of face, it's really difficult to get a proper pic. It's a 1 in thousands of pic. LOL. Yikes.

My sis with her friends. I took this pic. *proud* lol

We went to alot of places after that, such as Luak Bay Esplanade and other beaches around Miri, but we just drove by for some reason. They have beautiful beaches in Miri though and so near the town somemore. We also had a plan to go to Miri Marina to get a picture with the seahorse statue there, apparently it's the biggest seahorse statue they have at Miri but too bad, on the day we went, it's closed for renovation. FML. So no seahorse picture. FML. >:(

At night we went to a restaurant called Siamese Secrets. Nice place to get some western and Thai food. :)

The Menu

Halo Shake, Horlick and Milo combination. Quite nice.

Every plate of foods came with these writings. I think its balsamic vinegar reduction.

Fish & Chips, it's called something else, some fancy name, deep fried blue ocean or something. Pretty big portion, taste nice. RM 18

Chicken Parmesan. I don't know how it taste like, lol. My bad. RM 20

Chicken Chop. RM16

Tom Yam Soup. Came with a bowl of rice. RM16

That summed up the 3rd day when I was at Miri! Sibu trip coming up!!


  1. nice trip there!i've not heard of anyone who travelled to miri before :p

  2. Been to some of the place when I was at Miri about 2 years ago. The pandan chicken looks fantastic among all that impressed me the most.

  3. have you been to cafe bavaria for some german foods?

  4. hello Lindy, great to come by your blog.. so many beautiful pictures to see over here!!

  5. Wisma Hopoh? Interesting ^^
    and yeah, the view up at Canada Hill is breathtaking..went to Miri back in 2006..I still remember how the Boulevard there was the 'it' shopping mall up until tHe Spring came about..LOL..

  6. are killing me with photos of awesome foooood

  7. @yuliang : Haha! It is a nice trip! :)

    @Nava.K : The pandan chicken is the tastiest among them all!! lol

    Anonymous : Sadly no. :( . LOL

    @seen : Yummy. HAHA

    @reanaclaire : Thanks!! Appreciate it! :)

    @Noni : LOL. The Spring is definitely much much better than Boulevard. HAHAHA!!

    @Small Kucing : LOL!! :D

  8. LOL ur Titanic stunt made u look a little sot lla wei HAHA

  9. So many great things to do at Miri. The first dish infact looks like Bak Kut Teh. If you're around Klang, buzz me, I'll take you out for some nice food :)


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