Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goofin' Around With Webcam

Well, these pictures was taken a long long LONG time ago which was like 3 months ago.......yeah, that's a pretty long time.

Taken when I first got my new Asus netbook which explains our sakai-ness towards the webcam, it's not as if we haven't seen or used any webcam before. I don't know why, everytime somebody got a new laptop or netbook, they will always try out the webcam first, as if webcam from other laptop would have special functions that's so different from other webcam out there. Or maybe it's just us who did that. :S. nah, I'm pretty sure everyone does that, do you? Do you?? DO YOU?? Kidding.

: Picture and pictures of people who's apparently never played/seen a webcam before, or what we Malaysian people say, SAKAI. If you're sensitive to idiots, back out now.fml



Yeah, that's how she really sleep, I swear.



X-ray awesomeness.

Snow awesomeness. Yeah I know. Lame. I know....I said I KNOW. sigh

And here's a bonus, FAILED LIPSYNCING!! (not really, we're awesome. not really.)

Don't throw eggs at me, imma eat it. :) No, seriously. I don't waste food, I'm an Asian. :D


  1. Hi, really enjoyed your pics. Do drop by for my story for Halloween.

  2. Hi Lindy,
    Long time no hear from you, hope you are great.
    From the pics I can see plenty of different expressions.

  3. lol it looks like a webcam war XD FUN! one word to describe all.


  4. @SmallKucing : Hehe.:)

    @eVa : Thanks! :)

    @Most Desirable : Thanks! Sure I will.haha

    @Nava : Hi Nava! Long time no see too!

    @kuromeowiie : Thanks! *shy* lol

    @Fish : Yeah FUN! haha

    @ Mag : HAHAHA! :)

  5. I like the word Sakainess,hah!hah!
    it seems that you're behaving like my 6 yr old son
    when he first tried a webcam.


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