Sunday, October 23, 2011

Social Media and Society Seminar 2011 @ Grand Margherita Hotel, Kuching

Went to the 'Social Media and Society : Promoting Responsible Netizenship' seminar which was organized by the Angkatan Zaman Mansang Sarawak (AZAM) and which was held at the Grand Margherita Hotel last Thursday.

Reached there at 8am, registered and was given a file which contain all the slides that was shown during the seminar and paper so you can make notes in it. (Didn't wrote down any note, yikes)

As you can see, there's no one sitting in front of me, cause I went there like an hour and half before the seminar started. Cause I'm cool that way~~ Just kidding.

After approximately an hour of waiting, the seminar kick off with the welcoming remarks by YB Datu Aloysius J.Dris who is the Chief Executive Officer of AZAM.

YB Datu Aloysius J. Dris talking about the generation gaps in technologies nowadays and something about sending signals with turtle shells back in the old days.

Okay, I gotta be honest, I didn't jot down any notes throughout the seminar cause I was busy listening.....yeah right. Actually the talks was pretty interesting but I can't remember any of them sadly. So.........picture time? Sounds good? Yay? Nay? :D (I didn't snap lots of pics too, soli. lol)

The room was actually filled out more than this, I took this picture about half hour after I arrived.

There are 3 speech given respectively by Dr.Danilo A.Arao, Professor Salleh Buang and Mr. Wan Abdillah Edruce. Dr. Danny speech was one of the most interesting cause he cracks a lot of jokes, one that I can remember is 'With great power, comes great...electricity bill. LOL.

Then there is ...

Refreshment TIME!!!!!! Donuts and coffee, what can I say, awesomeness.

Cyril Dason, the co-founder of Sarawak Bloggers.

Cyril gave a good speech about social media and the blogging world, I remembered he mentioned that free speech is very important in social media and that what's attractive about blogging is the experience that was shared by bloggers to the world.

This is Mr. Wan Abdillah Edruce, the President of Sarawak Social Media Association

Dato Ahirudin Attan or known as the blogger Rockybru.

Overall, I had quite a good time at the seminar, met my old friend from high school too which is a good thing as we were able to catch up on news about other friends that we haven't met for atleast 2 years now. Had a really good lunch at the restaurant in the hotel, Meisan restaurant if I'm not wrong. And met some Sarawak Bloggers there too. :)

Besides that, found a little surprise next day in the newspaper. LOL

My first time in newspaper!! I'm super 'sakai' wan. So YEAH!! LOL.


OK, will update more! :) See ya!

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  1. Hope you did gather interesting facts on blogging besides enjoying the food served.


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