Friday, November 25, 2011

The Best Coffee in Kuching @ Black Bean Coffee


*In sexy voice...*

Are you a coffee addict? Do you must have your daily morning dose of Joe's in order to be able to get through the rest of your day happily? You do?....*pout lips* Well, that's great, cause I'm about to introduce you one of the best coffee you can get in Kuching, it's a hidden gem among coffee addicts......

Okay, I'm gonna stop that now, sorry if I cause you to get goosebumps. Sorry lah.

The name of the shop is Black Bean Coffee & Tea Company

It's just opposite of Life Cafe at Carpenter Street. So, if you're a tourist and you're staying near waterfront or in one of the many lodging near Carpenter Street, you must make your way over to this shop and get a cup of their coffee. You can only get this coffee in Sarawak. That makes it a must-do-in-Kuching. :)

The counter. (Look at the

Besides coffee and tea, they also sell some souvenirs and tit bits like cookies but that just the side thing, the main thing is coffee.

Liberica Coffee Bean

Full body, low acidity, smooth mellow flavor and exotic aroma.

Java Robusta Coffee Bean

Soft and mild flavor with strong aroma. Typically served black.

Both of these types of coffee are obtained from the lowland hilly areas of southwestern Sarawak. They are mainly planted in the Bidayuh villages and Chinese farms. Besides that the plantation for this types of coffee are small and the processing of the coffee beans is done naturally which means it's sun dried. Awesome!

Love the packaging.

The beans are roasted by direct fire in small quantities by their specialized roaster. It couldn't get more original than that. The coffee contains no preservatives, more more awesome! We all know preservatives is not good for us anyway.

Taste before you buy, does it means its FOC?? I wish.

Jars of freshly roasted coffee beans not jars of hearts...i was referring to the song.... :S, lame i know.

Information of the coffee.

The lady that makes the awesome coffee along with two other ladies. It's a family business I think.

Okay, let's check out their drinks, I don't remember the exact pricing for all of the drinks but all of the beverage cost around RM3 - RM 6. Much cheaper than Starbucks and better coffee too. Not to mention it's local as well so support local! :D 

Pearl Milk Tea. Taste so-so, definitely not one of their 'star' beverage.

My favourite beverage here, Blended Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk. Taste super duper awesome and oh so refreshing on a hot day.

Something about condensed milk and coffee that makes the coffee taste like home aka Kuching. Well, Vietnam has a coffee like that too but its much MUCH more stronger. I just love the colour when you stir a cup of hot 'kopi'. From black to white it changes to awesome coffee colour! It's beautiful....ok, ignore that. Lame. But seriously, it's beautiful.... :D

A cup of coffee. I forgot the exact name. Latte I think. Milk coffee? lol. Anyway comes with sugar and a piece of homemade cookie. Yummy.

I love it. It's definitely the best coffee in Kuching. (messy hair, before life as a frizzy hair girl...sigh)

Sarawak Coffee is definitely 'Nyamai'... :D

Sarawak Coffee Bean as Souvenirs?

Sarawak Coffee Beans are sold here as well, freshly and vacuum packed everyday to ensure the best quality of the beans. I can't think of a better souvenirs to bring back for family and friends from Kuching, Sarawak other than this. A taste of Borneo. The packaging is really nice as well. :D

p/s Most of the info here are taken from the pamphlet that you can get at Black Bean Coffee shop. :)


No. 87, Ewe Hai Street, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Phone : 082 - 420290

(The easier address for Kuching people would be.." Neh, located just opposite of the Life Cafe at Jalan Carpenter there ah!)

For more info visit their Facebook page, Black Bean Coffee & Tea Company

Till next time!


  1. Thanks for the tip. I'm definitely going to make a trip to the city for this. I can't bring myself to drink 'Kopi', Starbucks has no flavour (may as well drink bubble tea) and would rather chop my own hand off than drink 2 in 1. Ok that may be an exaggeration.

    Do you know where I can get a coffee bean roaster in Kuching? You'd really be helping out my caffeine receptors if you could suggest where to look.

  2. Sure thing. Its definitely one of the best coffee in town if not THE best. LOL! rofl, dont chop, not worth it! hahaha. Im sorry I dont know where you can get a coffee bean roaster(sorry Simon's caffeine receptors :( )...but maybe the owner of this coffee shop would know? :)

  3. Replies
    1. You can find this cup anywhere in Sarawak or particularly Kuching. :)


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