Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Freshly Sheared....Dog.

Last Saturday, after much thinking, I've decided to send my dog to get a fur-cut/groomed at Pet's Planet which used to be known as Amazing Pets at Rock Road.

Why send my dog to get a haircut you ask? Why not just do it myself?

Well, his fur is just to thick (just like his owner's hair) and the weather nowadays are just too hot. Besides that, I'm just too lazy to bath him. If you got a dog with thick fur/hair, you will know what I'm talking about. Plus, usually after the bath his hair would shed and stick everywhere in the house and not to mention it's really troublesome to clean it up. Bottomline, I'm just too lazy lah. My dog deserves a day of pampering anyway. :P

Pet's Planet

Surprisingly, the grooming will cost only RM 50. By grooming it means haircut, nail trimming and bath and drying. Not bad.

Off he goes!

Introducing Joey.

I got him back in 2001 so he should be between 10-11 years old this year. Don't be fooled by his cute appearance, he's quite an aggresive dog, thankfully not to me (sometimes). And yes, I've cut his hair before but his hair grow way too fast it makes no different at all. He loves getting haircut for some reason, I have no idea why.

I lub him veli much!!

How cute is that? (the toy has been destroyed, thanks to the dog behind him)

Anyway, that was how he look before haircut..







After haircut.

O.O !!

He looks weird and yet CUTE at the same time! The important thing was he's way more neat now. Although his hair was crooked at some parts but who cares, I can fix that *holding scissors* ;)

Pet's Planet did a good job, I love the result and it only took 2 hours for the grooming thingy. Very efficient indeed.

I think he loves it too. rofl

View from behind. Looks like bearded dragon like that.

It's gonna take some time to get used to his new image...we never knew he was that small, all that hair before makes him look so big. Now he got Big head Small body. Yikes.

See? Big head Small body. LOL

He look very similar to some kind of animal and after I've think it through he looks like this.....

From Joey (baby kangaroo) he became a Kid (baby goat).

I know what you're thinking, my dog is very 'MANLY'. *proud*

Here's another before after pic.

Let's see how long it will take for the hair to grow back. See ya!!

For more info on Pet's Planet (Kuching) check out their Facebook page, Pet's Planet.



  1. Ooooo...the poor thing! It looked so nice before the makeover. Never mind! The hair will grow back eventually... LOL!!!

  2. suituapui
    Agree. Look nice before the makeover. However, short is good as well...

  3. no wonder he likes it la...must have felt lighter after the hair cut


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