Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Logos Hope MV @ Kuching

I finally went to Logos Hope MV yesterday. First a little bit of information about the ship. Logos Hope MV is the world's largest floating book fair and it is a replacement of the famous MV Doulos. That's it! lol


The admission price is RM 1 per adult and free for children below 12. They will give you a booklet containing the information about the ship, something like a map.

The queue, omg. *faint*

I went on a public holiday so yeah there's A LOT of people there that day. Thank god, it was a little breezy and there was tents for the people waiting in line. Next time never go unless it's weekdays. The line move pretty fast, we waited for like 20 minutes before we were able to get in.

The ship

Kids super excited. So am I.

When you're in there, they will ask you to listen to something before letting you in the book place. Honestly I didn't listen but it was something about the pricing of the book. 100 units = RM8 and so on and so forth. lol

Failed self-cam.

The cabin...thingy. Place where the crew sleeps.

I have no idea. Somewhere la, as long as going somewhere.

After all that, you will see the bookstore.

Lots of people, lots of books

The books there are pretty cheap, well some books are cheap. I didn't buy any, just buy some postcards and a keychain as souvenirs. Who knows when the ship gonna come again, snag it now! :)

Cafeteria. My favourite place.

Ice-cream. Took a bite out of it then I remembered to snap a pic.

Bought an ice cream which cost RM4...... :S. I'm sorry to say this but it doesn't taste like a RM4 ice cream should taste like. Overpriced, but oh well, once in a while. Think of it as donations for the new generators they have to get. :) I want honeydew ice cream, like the one they used to served in Doulos. :(

El Capitano. Poor guy, must be hot in there. And he walks around disturbing kids. I love it.

Lame-o. :)

Had a fun time touring the ship, something to do other than go to the The Spring, until next time Logos Hope MV!


  1. 20mins kira okay la....In port klang some queue for 2 hrs during weekend to go in :)

  2. hahaha ... 2 hrs still OK. 3 1/2 hours dude!. That so lame. I think they need to upgrade their check-in system..

    Anyway Lindy, Good blogs. I should come here mere often

  3. aww~~ I wanna go there too~
    my sister will be screaming for the books~
    she loves books! xD
    but it's located in Kuching?
    too bad... too far for me =(


    RE: she's getting fatter now xD

  4. Nice experience though I have step into a ship before. So many things to do besides buying the books.

  5. Oh? So it had another name. When I was a teenager, still in secondary school, we had a ship like this coming by every year...and we would go to buy books - lots of books. Of course, the ship was smaller and not as nice... This one's probably too big to cruise up the Rejang so I don;t think it will come to Sibu...

  6. Nice post. Especially when I couldn't go this time round.

  7. @SmallKucing : 2 hours?? OMG, I rather not go in! HAHAHA

    @Nazri Razra : Thanks for the support Nazri! :)

    @Jace : Say your sis fat?? Imma tell!! LOL! Yeah, if she loves books she will be screaming in there for sure. :D

    @Nava : I cant see other parts of the ship :(. Restricted. lol

    @suituapui : Maybe its doulos? psst, Doulos is much better than Logos...dun tell people. LOL

    @Cynful : Thanks! :)


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