Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Happiest Moment

My happiest moment. Difficult things to choose from when you really think about it. There's lots of happy moment I gotta say, from simple things like hanging out with friends, family or even with my pets (no life :(..who cares, they make me smile!). Even eating or shopping or sleeping is a happy moment for me. If I've gotta choose and write my happiest moment, to date, in my 21 years of existence in this world, that moment's gotta be the period when I'd travelled to Canada.

One of the best news I've ever heard when my parents finally decided to send me and my sister to the land of Maple Syrup?, Canada after years and years of pleading. What, they are famous for maple syrup what. lol. So, about 3 months ago, Canada we went. And it was the best trip ever! (first time oversea ma, sakai-ness behaviour is bound to emerged)

Above in the sea of clouds. Magnificent view.

Travelled almost a day by airplane. 3 hours flight to Hong Kong from Kuala Lumpur then 13 hours grueling flight from HK to Vancouver then another 2 hours flight from Vancouver to Calgary where my relatives stayed. Thank god for entertainment in flight, I'm one of those people who can't sleep. :S... I like to think it's my super power. Shhhh~~


Met my relatives from overseas for the first time. Nervous yet excited at the same time. That's the main purpose of this trip, getting to know relatives there, and boy, they sure are the most awesome relatives ever!

Took a family picture at a beautiful place. I forgot what's the name of this place but I mad love this pic.

Goofing around with crazy/awesome cousins!

LOL at my uncle, how cool is that?

A trip to zoo with Uncle Stephen's family. Awesome zoo!

We're freezing but we're still happy! Taken during a firework festival, it was really cold that night. But we still sing along to Katy Perry's Firework. fml

Lake Louise! Breathtaking views, lots of mosquitoes too. lol

A visit to Capilano Suspension Bridge. Best bridge I've ever crossed. :P

Above are some of the family pictures and my favourite pictures from the trip. As I'm writing and looking through these pictures, all the moments at that time just come back to me and I can remember them as clearly as they had just happened last week. All I'm saying is, that is the beauty of pictures, just a glance and you basically have a little flashback of the relevant moments whether it is happy or a sad moment. Amazing really.

Below are pictures of..well you have to find out yourself!! :)

Introducing Cousin A.(his name really begins by A) Likes to selfcam ugly pics of himself, which I totally loves!! Awesome ugly pics cuz.

Cousin B. Initial of his name is B. LOL. Same as his brother but more annoying. Annoying as in doing the Mr.Simple dance all the time, and when I say all the time, I mean ALL THE FRIKKIN TIME. To the point that I'm terrified of the song.Boys will be boys. What a derp. :)

Cousin C. Yup, you're right, the intial letter of her name is indeed C. Frikkin adorable kid! Makes me wanna adopt a baby right now. Just kidding.

They're the ABC's cousins. lol. I miss them...sigh~

An awesome turkey feast prepared by Auntie Sophia!

I miss her cooking, one of the happiest moment there was eat, eat, eat and eat and eat and yeah EAT. Her specialty is fills you up until you can't move from the sofa for half a day. Kung Fu I tell you.

My Happiest Moment picture. I just pick this because I think it is the best in showing how I feel when I was in Canada and whenever I view all those pics again I would smile like an idiot as shown in this picture.

Taken on the day we were to leave Canada. Opposite of my happiest moment. One of my saddest moment but its NOT my saddest moment. lol. It's more of a bittersweet situation that time.

Flight back to Kuching. Love this picture. I think it gives the feeling of bittersweet, for me atleast.

I was sad to leave Canada but at the same time I can go home, which is Kuching and see my parents again, so yeah sad and happy at the same time. Had a really great trip there and if I had the chance, I'll definitely go back there again, no doubt.

Moments will comes and goes but we can definitely preserved (sound like preserved vege but not the same type of preservation :S ) that moment by photography. Just snap and shoot and there you go, happy moments preserved. :)


  1. Hi, very lovely photos. Canada is a great place to visit. Well, lucky you, having relatives over there to show you around. Happiest moments, definitely!! Pls do read my story, thks:)

  2. One word to all the pics, WOW! :D

  3. woah...u take great pics from the plane's window ^^

  4. Glad you had a blast! Such fun folks you have... I do believe that when you go to the place, it's the company that's the most important. No fun going somewhere where you do not know anybody or the people that you do know are very boring.


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