Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Perfect Wedding Bridal Show 2011 @ The Hills, Kuching

Attended the Perfect Wedding Bridal Show last Friday which is on the 28th October. It was a 3 day event but I only went to the first day of the event.

The Hills' Perfect Wedding Bridal Show 2011 aims to give exposure for both wedding related businesses and for future newlyweds to meet these providers up close and personal to understand the choice they can include in celebrating one of the many big/special day in life.

Actually before the Bridal Showcase which is by Mick Long, there was the opening performance which is the Indian Dance and Poker Face (Lady Gaga) by Tadika Sang Kancil. I can just imagine how cute that was, can't believe I missed it, especially the Poker Face performance!! sheesh. :( Po-po-po-po-ker face, po-po-po-po-ker face~~

Then there's also a Kids Fashion Parade and after that it was the Bridal Showcase. I arrived just in time for the showcase. I guess you can guess it now why I missed all those performance, I...uh...had stomachache!......No, I was late like 30 minutes because of transport problem. Stomachache sounds better though. *touch wood*

So, I arrived, registered and......

...was given a Cupcake!

Don't know what's the flavour, I was just scoffing it down cause the show started already and I had to take pictures and I had no place to put the cupcake so the only solution was to put it in my stomach. Smart? I know right. :) There was crumbles all over my bags. fml. The cupcake was tasty, moist~~ Yums. :D

Lots of people.

Lots of photographers, all with their big 'guns'. Cameras if you don't get it. :)

The runway.

Pictures and pictures of models in wedding gowns below. Can't comment, I'm no expert in dress, (obviously) Enjoy.

The showcase started with the showing of traditional white wedding gowns, Old School for the win, give me five!





#5 Getting a little bit modern.


#7 Back to old school!!


Same dress as above, but I love this pic so much I just have to put it here. :)

#9 Guy model~ Ooh la la~~ :D

Stunning red dress, want to get really really lucky? Wear this on your wedding day, confirm you get alot of ang pows!!(red packet)

Blue dress. Looks good!

B-E-A-U-Tiful maroon wedding dress.

Another blue dress. Nice.

I swear, this model looks good in anything, I guess if you ask her to wear garbage bag, she would still makes it looks good. :D

My favourite among all the dress that evening.

Lovely. Looks like something out of a fairytale. I would totally wear this if anybody wants to marry me. Wait.....sigh. fml Who says I WANT TO GET MARRIED ANYWAY?? Just kidding. :)

Dark red dress? Or is it dark pink? Nevertheless, looks nice.

Pink dress!

People who loves the colour pink and getting married soon, go to Mick Long's bridal shop now!

Cool dress, I would so fall down on my ass if I were to wear that. Only pro can wear that and walk normally. lol

Looking good~~

When the girl was modelling this dress, her hands was shaking while holding the mask thingy and not just that, her dess got tangled when she turned around. Yikes, well, all I gotta say is you did a GREAT JOB GIRL!! I would have peed my pants if I were to go on stage. Everyone makes mistake. haha

Handsome guy and beautiful girl. Perfect. What more can I say?

Those were some of the good pics I snap, the other was blurry so.....enjoy the above pictures! lol

The showcase ends and there was a performance by Seventainment which is one of the best wedding band performance. They are able to personalize wedding sons based on the couple's preference(very important!!). If I'm getting married I only want to listen to the songs I love, we all want that, right eve-li-body?? :)

*coughs* Ehem, besides that, they also do medley and can even compose a song especially for the couple.

Seventainment. Very good cover of Alicia Key's song by the singer.

That was it, pretty cool event, saw lots of Kuching bloggers there too!! WADDUP YO?? :D

Until next time! See ya!


  1. gosh i like the 7,8,9 dressss!

  2. The dresses are gorgeous! i've never been to a bridal show before. #7 and #9 are my faves. :D

  3. i like that no. 5!!!! anyway all fabulous...

  4. Same with me, like dress with colour combination blue and white. Look so great.

  5. Like No. 6!!


  6. do u know where i can buy wedding gowns at kuching,sarawak? not so expensive lah,the cheap want. if u know u can inbox me at sofia_vic@ymail.com


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