Friday, November 18, 2011

Simplicious Restaurant and Lounge @ Kuching

We all know that Kuching people always complain there's no place to eat right? Well, people had been noticing that and food business has been mushrooming all over Kuching in these couple of years. One of it is a fine dining restaurant called Simplicious Restaurant & Lounge. Went there with my sister and her friends for dinner a few weeks ago. 'Updated' no? I know, I agree. ;)

Here goes,

Pretty cool exterior of the restaurant, it's a house that has been converted into a restaurant, pretty easy to spot too, you won't miss it if you happen to be driving along the Banana Road. Jalan Pisang, I just wanna makes it sound....uh....forget about it.

Simplicious Restaurant & Lounge

Perfect place to enjoy coffee/beer/selfcam/deep thinking/daydream/sleep/looking at wall with water falling down from it. :D

The place where they makes drinks. Lots and lots of beer bottles.

If you're a beer lover, this is a good place to go to, apparently they serve lots of kinds of beer from imported beers from Germany, Japan, Belgium to our very own local beers. Too bad I don't know how to drink beer. Dang it. Oh and they serve wine, cocktails and for non-alcoholic drinks for people like me, mocktail. Sad.

Le Menu.

Me with my American Black Coffee, RM 4.90. STRONG! coffee. Super 'kaw'.

Hot Chocolate, RM6 something if I'm not mistaken

Passion, RM7.50. Yup, its a passion fruit mocktail drink. Pretty tasty.

Honolulu Tango, RM 7.90. Pineapple mocktail, refreshing drink, there's even some bits of pineapple in it. rofl

Chocolate Ice Blended , RM8.90. Chocolate drinks..what can I say, you can never go wrong with chocolates. Scrumptious.

Pepperoni Pizza, RM 18. Its taste good, normal pizza taste I guess. Well, better than Pizza Hut I guess. Handmade is always best.

Grilled Lamb Shoulder with Black Pepper Sauce, RM 28. Comes with veggies and mash potatoes. The mash was delicious, love it. The meat, its tender but I don't like lamb so...well it's good if you like lamb :)

Chicken and Mushroom Fettucine with Cream Sauce, RM 20. This is what I had that night. Honestly I expect better, the sauce was watery and not creamy at all. I mean creamy sauce is suppose to be thick and creamy. I expect better for a pasta that cost RM20.

Pan Fried Chicken Thigh, RM 28. The chicken was cooked perfectly but the sauce was..let's just say I'm not a fan of the sauce. Not my taste I guess.

Pan fried Dory Fillet, RM 26. Pretty good, lots of cheese.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Chicken and Mushroom, RM 18. Now this I love, the pasta was cooked perfectly and it was just at the right level of spiciness. Awesome, much much better than the cream sauce pasta. More flavour too.

Last but not least, desserts. there's always room for dessert. :)

Cappucino Cheese Cake, RM 8. Cheesecake, need I say much? Cheesy awesomeness.

3 eating buddies, L-R, Mayrin, my sis Wendy and Tze Ming. I just tagged along. LOL

Simplicious Restaurant & Lounge is an okay restaurant for me. The food was good but the price are expensive for me. I'll come again just for the cakes. :)

For more info, visit their Facebook page, Simplicious Restaurant & Lounge.

Their address : 39, Jalan Pisang off Green Road, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak. (basically for Kuching people, near the church at Jalan Pisang there. lol)


  1. price is reasonable. I see the ambiance i thought the drinks and food would have been very expensive

  2. I always drive past it everyday (from work), but never had a chance yet to actually go for a dine there..i'm eyeing for the cheesecake ^_^ hopefully will go for dating there one day..he..

  3. Food look delicious and price reasonable too... but too far away from KL huhuhuhuhu...that black coffee make me wanna have a cup of coffee now..

  4. Love the lamb dish and all the mocktails plus the lovely ambience.

  5. Nice shot of the "waterfall". Interested to try out the cake as well, the cake look good and price is very reasonable.

  6. Food looks ok, prices too... Looks like a good place to hang out - if the diners do not get too rowdy after a few beers...


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