Thursday, December 8, 2011

Joey Bit Me

He bit me this morning when I tried to bring him in the house after playing in the porch for awhile. So sad. How can something as cute as him can behave like a demon sometimes.

Well, he's been aggressive since he was small, he's a terrier mix after all and male terrier tend to be more aggressive, it's in their genes I guess but this is the first time he ever like bit me like for real. Before this it was just growling and stuff. Yikes. :S

Luckily he didn't have much teeth left. (He's had surgery to removed some of his bad teeth like 2 years ago.) Kinda hurts though.

How did it feels when he bit me? It kinda feels like I'm a mother that has just been slapped by one of her child. Unexpected feeling, cause he never really been THAT aggressive to me before (well at least not to me, his primary victim used to be my sis,rofl)

His bite is more to internal as in bruising than external, kung fu I tell you.

No idea why he was so pissed off, maybe he wants more playtime, maybe he doesn't like the way I ask him to come in.....maybe he's pissed off at me for getting all his hair sheared off. He's one crazy dog.

Oh well. S*** Happens. Even dog has his bad day.

ut if he does this to me again I'm gonna go medieval on his ass, I got like swords, those spiky ball thingy that like swings around and cool looking and stuff, bows and arrows.....Just kidding, I love him!! ;D


  1. oh no..The wounds looks serious. Do take care of the wounds ok. Put antiseptic cream.

    From what you wrote i get the impression that Joey is rather old? You picked him up and he bite you?

    Do observe Joey these few days and see if he look like in pain anywhere or not coz sometimes dogs can develope things like cancer. And when we inadvertently touched the painful part, the dog will bite.

  2. Ouchhh, that really hurts! Anyway, your heart hurts more because you love him and suddenly he's behaving like this.... Must be something go wrong! Observe him...

  3. Aiyor!!! Dog bite must go for injection against rabies! My cousin had a Rotweiller, dunno how you spell that, and it attacked him - had to go for plastic surgery, stayed in hospital for a month!!!

  4. maybe had a break-up with its love one? hehe.

    but the bite marks seem quite small though. like one done by leeches

  5. Yep Lindy, dogs too have their bad day though we humans don't bite physically but the biting comes with terrible words to hurt us mentally.

  6. @Small Kucing : Thanks for the concern, I'm okay. :) There was actually more bruises than external bleeding. lol. Actually he has been like this since he was small,just that he nvr really bite me, my 'lucky day' I guess. rofl

    @Kelly : Yeah my heart hurts more. :(

    @suituapui : Omg,I cant imagine geting bitten by a rottweiler, they had mouth as big as a lion. So sorry to hear bout your cousin. Rabies injection very painful, dont want!! haha

    @JardThe Great : Haha! Cause he has small teeth? lol.

    @Nava : True true. :)


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