Monday, December 5, 2011

Sabah Trip 2011 Day 1 & 2 : Gaya Street, Fook Yuen and Sabah's Waterfront

So, on the 27th of last month, I went to Sabah for a little holiday trip as well as to attend my sister's convocation. Booked an early flight as I wanted to check out Gaya Street and see how much thing's have changed since the last time I visited Sabah which was like 4 years ago, when my family went to Sabah the first time to send my sister off to her university.

4 years....time goes by so fast.

Reached the airport at around 5.45am to catch the 6.10am flight. Surprisingly there's alot of people in the early flights, I thought there would be less, I was wrong. lol


Reached Kota Kinabalu at around 7.35am, YAY!! Check out those white things in the oceans, I think those are corals. Just guessing. :)

One of the resort in KK, Sutera Harbour I think. No wait, I'm pretty sure.

Reach KK and my dad rented a car so it's easier to get around KK, got a Viva and its pretty cheap, RM 100 per day, that car totally is a fuel saving car as we only spend like RM 60- 80 for fuels enough for us to spin around KK for 4 days. When you do the calculation, renting car are probably cheaper than using taxis. Convenient too.

So, I'm the navigator of the day :S...We got lost for a little bit cause we drove to the wrong direction and headed to Lok Kawi instead of heading in the direction of the city. (not my fault! I blame the map the car renter guy drew for us! lol) So yeah, we got to 1Borneo like 45 minutes say lost, I say sightseeing. :)

Here's the map. No left no right, pretty confusing? I agree, it was nice of him to draw a map for us though.

But it's all good,relax bah.....eventually we found our direction back to KK city and went straight to 1Borneo to get to our hotel and pick up my sis and her friend and went to Gaya Street Weekend Market.

Stop by at Fook Yuen Cafe near Gaya Street for breakfast.

Dim sum thingy with century egg. We ordered 3 of these. Kinda tasty.

Dumpling thingy. It's just okay.

And the famous Fook Yuen's Teh C Peng. Ordered 4 of these.Honestly, it's good but not as good as the one we have in Kuching. Honesty is the best policy right?? Peace peace.

Fried fishball thingy, I kinda like it, the one on the stick is better.

So turns out eating in KK is like quite expensive, all those stuff above cost us like RM 35. Yikes.

Next stop, Gaya Street Market.

The beginning of the market, it goes like 3- 4 blocks. Crowded.

T shirt's as souvenirs?

So, I didn't take much picture while I was there , too many people, plus it's very hot so I was kinda lazy to take pictures of anything. Basically you can find souvenirs, plants, pets, sea shells, and etc there. Got myself a pretty cool sunnies there. Haggled down from RM25 to RM 18 but I found out later that it was still overpriced. Dang it.

Went back to hotel to check in. Courtyard Hotel located near 1Borneo. Too many people checking in (convo season ma) and we have to wait for 1 hour plus because our room wasn't ready yet.

Raining pretty heavily almost every afternoon in KK.

Pretty sweet room, definitely spacious.

There's a cool sofa, awesome.

Walk around in 1Borneo after checkin in. That pretty much sums up our first day in Sabah.

Day 2

Went to Suria Sabah, smaller than 1Borneo, we just went there for the Padini sales, not much different. rofl

The food court was cool though, overlooking the ocean and you can like see Jesselton Point and some of the island from here.

Jumbo watermelon juice + milk.

This is one drinks that I'll safely say I will never ever order again. It's not the taste but the texture, it's like they blend the watermelon plus the skins and not even have the sense to sift it before pouring it in the glass. So imagine drinking that, we have to like fish out the fibers and seeds and skins from time to time. Ugh, annoying. RM 7.

Yours truly. :)

Kon Lou noodle. Served with fishballs or beef balls soup. Pretty good.

Beef balls soup.

Fish balls soup, I like this one better.

Want some?

Went to the waterfront after that.

Spotted some cute crabs at the jetty.

Seriously, Kota Kinabalu's waterfront kicks Kuching waterfront's a**. Look at that view.

...and look at that view. Come on la.

Me stupid sis.

The expensive-but-I-thought-is-cheap-after-haggling sunnies that I've got from the market.

Me in front of the huge sail fish. The symbol of KK, must take picture when go to KK. lol

After that, we went to the original Foo Yuen restaurant which was located in Damai.

It was like 2pm in the noon and the 'kopitiam' was still crowded, KK people love their Fook Yuen
cafe.... :)

Their famous 'roti kahwin' which basically means 'married bread'. Marriage between the butter and 'kaya' which is a kind of sweet awesome jam! I like it, one of the best I've had.

Hokkien Mee...I don't know why it's so watery but it still taste good anyway. Lots of those pork lard thingy, 'bak pok'. :)

Later that night, follow sis to her friend's photoshoot at Asiacity.

Then to a Bak Kut Teh shop near Gaya Street. Forgot what's the name but the ones with a lot of people. lol.

Yew Char Kueh, fried bread? lol

The bak kut teh. Fast service.

Taste okay,the soup is quite bitter, I'm not a big fan of bak kut teh anyway. I have no choice. lol

Overall, the bill came to be RM 77 for 3 bowl of soup and 6 rice (some of it takeaway.) plus drinks. Not the cheapest BKT I've had that's for sure. :D

That's it for Day 1 and 2. Will update soon bout island trip!


  1. Information overload ni. So many beautiful photos till dont know how to comment.

    1.Congratulation to your sister

    2. awesome sunrise

    3. though you said food is just okay but from the photo they looks great.

    4. Love the monkey T-Shirts. RM18 kira okay la as long as wont kena scolding from endors for bargaining

    5. Looking forward to more posts.

  2. I love KK! I love Gaya Street - so many interesting things to see...and I love dim sim in KK but at a place called Fook Ping. You did not try the ngui chap (beef noodles) in KK? in the world - Kuching one k-o!!!

    P.S. Your sister's graduation? Congrats to her, it it was.

  3. Can I know the contact number of the car renter?

    1. Sorry, I don't have the contact number anymore. But if it help, the car we use is a Viva. :)

  4. Although your post is in year 2011, but do you have any plans on traveling some other parts of Borneo as well? There are just so many things you can do. You just need to look for it in the right direction. That is a website that might be able to help you out...for future references.


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