Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tweet Up Kuching

Hey You!

Yeah You!

Are you addicted to Twitter? Constantly tweet up new status? What?? Every 5 minutes must

Nice....do you live in Kuching??

You do?!

Well, you're in luck then,because in 5 days time there would be a awesome event happening right here in Kuching for you!

Tweet Up Kuching!

So, a tweet up is an event where two or more twitters gather and meet each other. Cool right? If you're a fan of twitter, you have to go to this event!

The aim of this event is :-

1) To be the first Tweet Up (Twtup) in Sarawak which can be said to be the Kuching version of to the record breaking OctTwtFest

2 ) To gather tweeps regardless of their location to attend this TwtUp

3 )To enhance and foster unity and friendship among tweeps. (Very important this one. :D)

4 ) To encourage positive use of social media, in this case especially Twitter

As you can see from the poster the event will be happening at The Spring North Court on 10 December 2011, which is this coming Friday! Friday..Friday~~

More details about the events and host of the events can be obtained from Sarawak Blogger and Tweet- Up Kuching

Excuse me while I go be active in my Twitter now! (my twitter account is pathetic, fml) See ya! :)

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