Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sabah 2011 : Island Trip

In continuation of the Sabah's Trip post, here's the post about my trip to the islands there. Most probably this post will not have much writings, just photos,cause pictures can do a better job in explaining than I can. 

Let the arrays of pictures begin!

We decided to went for an island trip since the weather during that day was nice and warm without any hints or sign that it's gonna rain. Most probably gonna rain in the afternoon anyway, so why not? We're in Sabah already and Sabah is famous for their beautiful serene beaches.

Woke up at 7.30 in the morning and getting ready for the island trip. Excited!

View from the Courtyard hotel while eating breakfast. Not bad.

The hotel corridor, pretty creepy, feels like in a dungeon. But the hotel was pretty good.

My breakfast.

The breakfast served don't really have alot of choice, the same old thing, porridge with condiments,fried noodle, boiled eggs sometimes, fried rice, bread, juice, coffee, tea and etc. 

After the breakfast we went to Jesselton Point which is a ferry terminal in Kota Kinabalu for a boatride to the islands.

I recommend this company. Cool logo and good service. 

By the way, you can actually haggled down the price that was quoted by the people there. We actually haggled down the price from RM 35 to RM27 per person. I found out later that one of my sister friend's managed to get RM 25 per person. So, try to haggle for the fun of it but remember not to haggled to low, who knows what they might do right, drive the boat in a way that would make you vomit or forgot to pick you up intentionally? 

Just Kidding. they are not that mean. :)

View inside the ticketing place.

The receipt.

Besides that, you would also have to pay the tickets or something for the visit to the island. Adult is RM 6 each while Child id RM 3 if I'm not mistaken. Student price would be RM 3. Remember to bring student card/college card or whatever. lol

The port.

Our boat, quite alot of people,awesome, the more the merrier. 

My stupid sis, Wendy.

My Dad.

Other passenger in the boat.

Yours truly, terrible picture I know. But I don't care..LALALALLA~~

It took approximately 10-15 minutes to get to the first and the most famous island, Pulau Sapi. Famous place for snorkeling and  for the Komodo Dragons that roam around the island freely. I'm not planning on snorkeling hence I'm not going to Sapi Island.

: )

Sapi Island I think.

I mad love this picture. 

I'm just photo blasting this post.rofl  No idea what is this place.

Wendy, Dad and Mr. Boat Driver. Friendly and funny.

Entrance to Manukan Island.

Manukan Island has got the best views in my opinion. Lots of colourful fish can be seen from the jetty and it has the best facilities as well as lots of watersport to try. By the way, the islands that we're going are actually Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park which consists of a clusters of 5 islands. These islands are Manukan, Mamutik, Sapi, Sulug and Gaya.

Entrance to Manukan Island

A chart of fishes that can be found there I guess.

The must take Jetty shot.

Sea urchins. Lots and lots of them.

So, be careful while snorkeling or swimming in any of these islands as there's a lot of sea urchins lying around. Imagine stepping on one of these, OUCH. That's not the worst part, the worst part would be you need somebody to pee on wherever part of your body that have been sting by the sea urchin. If you have no idea why there would be peeing on body mentioned here, Google it. rofl. I have no idea if it works but apparently it helps in reducing the pain cause by the sting. I bet it does...warm pees~~  : )


Translation : Welcome to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Manukan Island for the non-BM reader.

Get your tickets/pass stamped before going in.

The cafeteria there.

Fried Beehoon and Omelette. It's like RM 7 or something, expensive much. So remember bring your own lunch box there.

Bought this as souvenir from the shop there. RM 3.

Awesome clean and clear water beach. What can get better than this?

Cute warning signs. Beware of jellyfish, I bet they got the jellyfish pic from the pokemon character, Tentacool or Tentacruel. 

Yes, I am a big Pokemon fan, only the original 151 Pokemon, not the new stupid looking and stupid name Pokemon.lol. What I'm too old for Pokemon? Oh well, Pokemon is the coolest game like ever! Pokemon, gotta catch em all~~

I would love to try this someday, it's a thing that you sit on and it went underwater, kinda like cycling underwater instead of swimming.


View from the end of the island.

One of the restaurant there, it's either a restaurant or a lounge. No idea.

My sis met her friends there, Ho and Pretha.

A guy feeding fishes. How cool, now I wish I had bring extra clothing so I can go snorkeling...oh well, there's always next time.

Bunch of fishes.

: D

The next island we went to is Mamutik Island. It's smaller than Manukan. Not much to do here and if you wants to be alone here would be nice as there's not as much people here compare to the other islands.

That dark looking thing there is like a big bunch of small fishes. Occasionally, there would be a big long body fish which I believe is a Barracuda speeding through this small fishes. Easy lunch. lol

Sunnies enjoying the view.

After an hour there, we decided to go back to Kota Kinabalu, next time when I come back I must go snorkel! MUST I SAY! 

Red telephone booth.

Me and my dad.

Jesselton Point 

At night we went to Welcome Restaurant to have a dinner with my uncle before we fly back to Kuching and lots of people tell us that this is one of the best restaurant in town as the food is fresh and the best part is the price, it's reasonable I guess. When we first reach there the first thing that caught my eyes was the aquarium where the kept all the live seafood, I LOVE IT! It's definitely better than looking at dead fish on ice.

Lots and lots of mud crabs

 Some weird looking prawns, I seriously have no idea what is this and apparently this is very expensive. Kept in bottles for some reason. 



Uhh..I'm guessing this is grouper.

Cockles or Ham as Malaysian calls it. There's a song in Hokkien about the llife/relationship cycle between human and cockles

Lang ciak ham,~
Lang pang sai~
Ham ciak sai~
Lang ciak ham~.

Basically it's about the 'unique' relationship between human and cockles.rofl

Geoduck. It's some kind of weird and very disturbing looking kind of clams. If you know what I mean. rofl


The restaurant was packed with people. Which usually indicates one thing, good food good price. :)

Stir fried Baby Kailan with Garlic. Yums, simple but awesome.

Stir fried La La with some kind of sweet sauce. Kinda good.

Steam prawns with soy sauce as dippings.

The rest of the food I forgot to take pictures as I was too busy eating as usual.rofl All and all the food was not that great but the price was reasonable enough. It was a pretty good trip, great island trip plus a good seafood, what can get better than that? That's it! See ya next time! :)


  1. wow...everything is so clean there.

    1. Yala, compared to Kuching beach.... Clean water, clean environment, clean everything. ROFL

  2. lovely and fun trip...look at that seafood..mmm yummy!!!

  3. Hi Lindy, may I know if there is lockers available for visitors to store their belongings when they go snorkel? I've never been to Manukan but would like to go...

    1. Hey Wessyn, I dont think there is any lockers there at the islands. There might be, but I'm not sure cause I don't recall on seeing any lockers there. It would be better to avoid bringing valuable stuff. Haha. Manukan is beautiful! Go go. lol.

  4. Hey,Lindy. Thanks for the info to Manukan island. Its been a couple of years now that I plan for a trip to KK and Manukan island but still haven't got the chance to literally go there. Your blog does give me some insight of that place. Thanks for the writing. Keep up the good work ;)


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